Tesla buyers are entitled to up to 18 months of free charging and low-interest EV loans of 1.68 percent

Charge +, in partnership with OCBC Bank, unveiled a holistic charging solution and financing package that includes free charging credits and low-interest EV loans to support Tesla electric vehicle (EV) buyers in Singapore.

Charge + had already announced in 2020 that it would implement 10,000 EV charging points in housing developments, condominiums, commercial and industrial properties in Singapore by 2030. Tesla buyers enjoy free charging time at Charge + charging points for a period of at least 6 months, which can be extended to up to 18 months.

For the condominium segment, Charge + has quickly become the national market leader for the Charging-as-a-Service business model, in which Charge + will invest in, install and operate the charging station in the condominiums. This breakthrough model is the cost and hassle of condo management and has generated tremendous interest from hundreds of condos. Building on this dynamic, Charge + will claim 18 months of free charging credits if Charge + is to set up the charging station in the Tesla buyer’s condominium.

For the landed home segment, Tesla buyers can look forward to a free EV charger in addition to the free charge credit of 6 months.

In close partnership with Charge +, OCBC Bank is offering an Eco-Care car loan at an attractive price of 1.68 percent to support early adopters of electric vehicles. In early January 2021, OCBC Bank also launched a Pre-Approved Car Loan (PAL), which means any potential car buyer can apply online and get approval right away. In fact, the PAL can even be granted to an applicant prior to purchase.

Anyone interested in the Charge + and OCBC package can find out more at www.chargeplus.sg or write an email to info@chargeplus.sg.

Mr. Goh Chee Kiong, CEO of Charge + said, “Charge + and our strategic partner OCBC are excited to introduce another innovative offering to drive the adoption of electric vehicles in Singapore. Regardless of whether the electric vehicle buyer lives in HDB, condominiums or condominiums, accessibility to convenient charging is an important aspect. We believe that our package will go a long way in addressing EV charging concerns among potential EV buyers and will contribute to Singapore’s vision of phasing out conventional vehicles by 2040. “

Mr. Sunny Quek, Head of Consumer Financial Services Singapore, OCBC Bank, said, “With the Pre-Approved Car Loan (PAL) from OCBC, a potential Tesla car buyer can easily apply for it online when placing an order for the car. As a local bank, OCBC is also aware of our role in promoting the adoption of electric vehicles among Singaporeans seeking a “greener lifestyle”. With an attractive interest rate for the OCBC Eco-Care car loan and the collaboration with Charge + to issue free charging credits, Tesla customers now have a complete package of financing and charging solutions at their disposal to make their shopping experience even better. “

A Tesla buyer, Robin Pho, happens to be on his condominium council. As part of the subcommittee on green initiatives, Robin and other council members evaluated several suggestions for installing electric vehicle charging points in their condominium and concluded, “Our role on the condominium council is to find the best deal for our residents. Charge + ‘s Charging-as-a-Service offering means there are no condo management costs and also offers the most attractive pricing plan for our apartment residents who use electric vehicles. In addition, the new package from Charge + and OCBC Bank offers the lowest car loan rates at 1.68 percent and even offers free top-ups for the first 18 months. This is a great offer for both current and future EV drivers in our condominium. “

About Charge +

Charge + is a leading provider of integrated EV charging solutions for Singapore and Southeast Asia with the aim of promoting the spread of electric mobility in the region. The suite of integrated solutions includes a proprietary ultra-slim charger, intelligent charging software and innovative business models. Charge + will implement 10,000 charging points across Singapore by 2030. As Sunseap’s environmentally friendly mobility company, Charge + will leverage synergies across the entire renewable energy sector.

You can find more information at www.chargeplus.sg

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