Dozens of people lined the street in front of a church in Tijuana with hundreds of flowers as they bid farewell to a mother and father who died in a tragic accident across the US-Mexico border on Sunday.

On May 16, Juan Valle and Rocio Gonzalez were driving their three children in Ready Lane on the San Ysidro border when a woman suspected of driving under the influence crashed into them and their car crashed into a nearby car before bursting into flames.

Juan Valle was pronounced dead at the scene and Rocio Gonzalez was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Their children survived and were taken to UC San Diego Medical Center, where they will remain in the hospital.

The family said the couple would always be together and stay together as they both would be put to rest.

Before the funeral, dozens of young people accompanied the couple, many of them students from Juan Valle, a football coach for the Colonia Obrera club.

“His day off was Saturday, it was the only day he rested, and from six in the morning and all day long, he and Rocio took the boys with them, picked them up in Obrera and they took them to the field”, he said to Alejandro Vargas, a member of the Colonia Obrera club.

Alejandro was his assistant on the team and says Juan Valle gave everything for the club, his time and sometimes his money.

“People on the team, you know, some couldn’t afford the money, so he came in, he supported them,” said Alejandro Vargas.

Rocio Gonzalez’s parents said they contacted the Mexican consulate in San Diego and started the paperwork to care for their grandchildren who are still in the hospital.

“We are just waiting to hear from the consulate when it is possible to drop by and visit the children,” said Andrés González, grandfather of the three children aged 15, 10 and 7.

There was music outside the funeral and sad faces could be seen on the street. Those who have known them for years claim that they still cannot believe the couple’s unexpected end.

“We have known her since childhood. I was shocked to hear what happened,” said Ruth Diaz, a friend of the family, who assured that Rocio Gonzalez ‘love between the two was so great that she lasted until the end gave everything for her husband.

Rocio’s family reported that the couple would be buried together in Santa Gema, Tijuana. They hope that one day their three children will be able to visit them when they leave the hospital.

The woman who caused the accident has been identified as Nailea N. She had her first hearing on Tuesday and has faced multiple charges, including driving under the influence. She faces up to 15 years in prison without bail.

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