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Rendering of the upcoming Creekside Performance Center. Construction of the center will begin in April(Photo: Courtesy of Creekside Chiropractic and Rehabilitation)

SHEBOYGAN – Creekside Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is opening a new facility this fall.

The new center, known as the Creekside Performance Center, will offer a range of services including chiropractic, sports rehabilitation, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, and functional training.

“It allows us to expand our current service and create a collaborative care environment,” said owner Dr. Andrew Tislau.

“Instead of people having to go to different places – for example rehab, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage – we will have an environment in which we have all these providers under one roof.”

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The new location will also focus more on functional training. Functional training allows athletes to train their bodies to do things they naturally may not be able to do.

“Let’s say you are a golfer and your trainer is trying to show you a swing mechanic and you just can’t because you are unable to rotate your hips in the right direction because it’s too tight,” said Tislau. “Well, you can meet with me and we can loosen your hips to improve hip rotation and give them some exercise to strengthen the glow so they can do that move and work with the coach and make them a better athlete . “

A key feature of the new building will be a large functional training area in the center of the room. In this way, providers can not only tell patients what to do themselves, but they can also demonstrate and perform the exercises with the patient.

“Instead of a traditional chiropractor appointment where we do things to you, it becomes much more interactive,” said Tislau.


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The new facility will take over the older facility currently located on South Business Drive.

Construction on the Creekside Performance Center begins April 2nd at 4000 Enterprise Drive. For weekly building updates, visit the group’s Facebook page at or their website

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