Covid Rule Flouters are told to stay away from Dartmoor after a fire investigation found that a three mile wall of flames that destroyed miles of landscape was accidentally caused by a member of the public.

The scorching hot fire at Tavy Cleave north of Tavistock ravaged moorland and spread rapidly for more than three miles as strong winds continued to blow the flames.

According to the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, up to six square kilometers of moorland were severely damaged. Nobody was injured.

Firefighters have confirmed that the fire was accidentally started but did not provide further details of how it happened.

However, a warning was issued urging people not to “start naked flames in the moors, including bonfires and barbecues”.

The public is also reminded of the dangers of throwing away a cigarette that has not been properly extinguished.

Fire on Dartmoor

A fire department statement following the fire over Devon and Cornwall said: “Although it is winter, forest fires can spread very quickly to a large area, so avoid using naked flames in the bogs, including campfires and barbecues.

“Please be careful with cigarettes. Forest fires don’t just happen in summer.

“We go to twice as many bog fires in the three months of February through April, inclusive, as we do the rest of the year. We remind everyone not to travel to the bogs unless it is an essential trip.”

People are only allowed to leave their homes for a number of compelling reasons, including taking a walk around them.

However, many flock to the national park for some fresh air.

With an increasing number of visitors, police issued a warning in January after many parked in inconsiderate places and the parking lots were full.

Dartmoor rangers also said they will report any groups of people they see to the police.

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More recently, Tavistock police used social media to remind people that breaking Covid rules is not allowed after finding a couple having some adult fun on the moors.

They tweeted the warning at 2:17 a.m. this morning, saying, “Fornate under the stars in the moors may seem like the newest romcom of the year, but it’s not an essential journey and it sure breaks the social distancing guide.

“Please continue to comply with Covid-19 legislation to prevent the spread of Covid.”

Earlier this year, Dartmoor National Park urged people to stay home during England’s third lockdown and groups of people were beaten up for barbecues.

People all as far as London have traveled to visit Dartmoor – which is certainly not local.

Places on Dartmoor that are typically less busy saw an influx of visitors in early January, including Burrator Reservoir, which was busier than a “summer’s day”.

Police turned cars over while patrolling what was described as

Burrator Reservoir on Sunday January 10th during a national lockdown

According to the BBC, Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez said: “You are [Dartmoor National Park] I am really concerned that they will see visitors from Exeter, even from London, still coming down and using our outside space. ”

In early January, a doctor who was carrying a series of coronavirus vaccines again ordered a police escort to go to a Princetown nursing home as the cars in Dartmoor were “exceptionally poorly parked”.

Current Government Rules on Exercising the State: “You should minimize the amount of time you spend outside your home, but you can go out and exercise. This should be limited to once a day and you shouldn’t be outside your area.” to travel.”

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