Sophomore quarterback Sema’J Davis runs through an opening in defense. (Photo by David Mitchell)

Sema’J Davis, the ACU quarterback who was injured in a car accident during the fall semester, has entered rehabilitation and continues to improve. This comes from a statement his family posted on a GoFundMe page on Friday.

Davis was involved in a three car accident on October 8 while driving east on Ambler Ave. He was hit head-on by a car traveling over 100 mph while passing a red light. Davis was rushed to a Fort Worth area hospital where he suffered from fractured hamstring, collarbone and head trauma.

In response to the accident, a GoFundMe was set up as a channel to give updates and accept donations to pay medical bills. To date, the website has raised nearly $ 65,000 to help out Davis and his family.

Prior to the car accident, Davis played an important role in the Wildcats’ football program. In 2019, Davis carried the ball 102 times for 621 yards and four quick touchdowns, which affected offense.

The Department of Athletics and the ACU Football Program have not yet issued a statement to improve the condition of Davis at this point.

Davis entered rehabilitation in mid-December. At the time, doctors had no idea what Davis could do or how he would get on with a brain injury he had suffered. But just two days after rehabilitation, Davis shocked doctors and his family.

“Sema’J has met with all of his therapists and at the time he wasn’t speaking,” the statement said. “The physical therapists took him to the gym without knowing what to do. When they returned to the room they directed Sema’J to tell us what he had just done and we all heard Sema’j speak for the first time, the word ‘go’. “

During his rehabilitation period, Davis will work with physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists to help them recover as much as possible.

“Physiotherapy has to set new goals for him every day,” the statement said. “When it comes to occupational therapy, I believe that he remains unbeaten in the UN card game. In speech therapy, he tries out different food structures to prepare him to eat mom’s ‘chicken spaghetti’. “

During his rehabilitation period to date, Davis has made significant progress in a positive direction, regaining the engine controls he lost in the accident.

“Currently, Sema’J can speak, sing, walk with assistance, stand up without assistance, and move to a chair with minimal assistance,” the statement said. “His spirit is called back, renewed and restored daily. He starts to smile, laugh and joke more and more. “

The Davis family closed the update by thanking everyone who was by their side and helping them on their son’s path to healing.

“Words cannot express what all of you were and meant to us on this journey in our lives,” the statement said. “We praise God for you every day.”