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The Republican predicts Trump won’t be the party’s presidential candidate in 2024

Pointing out seats lost in the House and Senate during the Trump presidency, Senator Bill Cassidy says, “If we idolize a person, we lose.” Senator Bill Cassidy was one of seven Republican senators Trump took with him Have convicted impeachment proceedings. Photo: Joshua Roberts / Reuters Republican Senator from Louisiana, Bill Cassidy, predicted on Sunday morning that Donald Trump will not be the party’s candidate for president in 2024, pointing out the number of seats Republicans will have in the House of Representatives and Lost in the Senate in the four years Trump was in office. Cassidy was asked on CNN’s State of the Union Show if he would support Trump if the former president ran for another term in 2024, or if he would support him if he ran and won the Republican nomination to challenge Joe Biden. “That’s a theory I don’t think will come true,” said Cassidy. He added, “I don’t want to duck, but the truth is … I don’t think he will be our candidate.” Cassidy also warned his party against revolving around a single dominant figure. “If we idolize a person, we will lose,” he said. Senator Bill Cassidy says he’s not thinking about fmr. Pres. Trump will be the GOP candidate for president in 2024. “For the past four years we’ve lost the house … the Senate and the Presidency,” which hasn’t happened since Herbert Hoover. “If we idolize a person, we lose” #CNNSOTU – CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) February 28, 2021 “Political campaigns are about winning,” added the Senator. In the 2020 elections, Trump and his party lost control of the White House, Senate and House of Representatives. “That has not happened under a president in four years [former President] Herbert Hoover, ”said Cassidy. Trump was then charged a second time for instigating the deadly January 6 riot in the U.S. Capitol after his supporters indicted Congress and invaded both chambers after speaking at a rally near the white man shortly before House had been upset about Trump’s election result. Cassidy was one of seven Republican senators who voted to condemn Trump on his impeachment trial. Trump also headed management of the coronavirus pandemic in the US, claiming the virus would “just go away” by downplaying the full dangers early and floating wrong treatments while more than 500,000 died, by far the highest death toll in the world World . When asked about Trump’s strength in the GOP, when the right-wing CPAC conference for the past three days praised the former president spokesperson for spokesperson and repeated some of his lies that he really won the 2020 election, Cassidy declined the idea that Trump did control the party. “CPAC is not the entirety of the Republican Party,” he said. He argued that the GOP should focus on those voters who switched from Trump to Biden in the November election. “When we talk to these issues, with these families, with these individuals, we win,” he said.