YATES COUNTY – Sunday June 13th occurred at 4:09 pm on the Rte. 364 near Voak Road. Yates County MPs, Penn Yan Ambulance Corps, Potter Fire Dept., Middlesex Ambulance, Medic 55 and Emergency Management responded.

MPs report that the vehicle driven by Robert A. Clark, 55, of Hollister St., Dundee, crashed into the back of the buggy as they both drove west.

The collision resulted in the death of Ada Horning, 67, of East Swamp Road, Penn Yan, who died on the scene. Her husband, Mahlon Horning, 66, was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester in a Lifenet helicopter. Clark’s passenger, his wife Nanci L. Clark, 53, was rushed to Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital by ambulance with non-life-threatening injuries. The Eastview Veterinary Clinic has been called to euthanize the horse, which was also injured in the crash.

Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike stated, “Mr. Clark had just picked up on Rte through the turns. 364 and the road was straight again. He was distracted, turned on his car radio, looked up, and the buggy was in front of him. He tried to swerve to the left, but could not avoid the collision. Mr. Clark was tested for sobriety and was negative for any impairment. “

“These are sad scenes for everyone involved,” commented Spike. “Unfortunately, another case of failing to share the road with a slow-moving vehicle, with the vehicle at 55 mph in the rear exiting the 7-mile horse and the buggy legally on the right Street side, with its SMV emblem and reflectors. It only takes 5.7 seconds for the vehicle to travel 400 feet. Any distraction by the MV operator who averted his eyes from the lane happens very quickly. “

Clark has been accused of following a horse too closely and exercising due care.

Spike also reports that Mahlon Horning has since been released from the hospital.