Treasury Secretary Manish Sisodia A budget of 69,000 rupees for the year 2021-22 was presented on March 8, which is intended to lay the foundation for ensuring the dignity of citizens in 2047. Sisodia presented the budget for the state for the seventh time in a row.

Fiscal year 2021-22 will focus on key areas such as health, education and infrastructure including water supply. Previously, the state had submitted Rs 65,000 crore for the 2020-21 fiscal year.

Health for education

Rs.16,377 crores have been allocated for the state’s educational sector. While Rs 25 crore was sanctioned for Yoga and meditation teachers trained by the Delhi government. With this budget, a Sainik School and a Preparatory Academy for the Delhi Armed Forces were established. The Legislative Party freely announced COVID vaccination upon completion of the national vaccination program for which Rs50 crore has been ratified. A sum of 9,934 rupees is allocated for the development of the health sector. It is also reported that 100 Mohalla clinics for women will be set up across the province.

Also read: “The new program was an attempt to minimize the loss of education and experience in classroom learning.” Manish Sisodia

‘Deshbhakti’ Chronizes

A sum of 10 rupees was granted for honor programs only Shaheed Bhagat Singh. The AAP has also decided to celebrate the country’s 75th birthday independence Day for 75 weeks from March 12th. To this end, £ 45 crores were allocated.

Advocacy and recommendations for TPT guidelines

  • The government has dedicated this year’s budget to strengthening and empowering capital through holistic and integrative development. It has considered 6 operationalizing and recruiting the economy. It is being repeated to revitalize growth and create jobs to fill the gaps.
  • The Treasury Secretary chose to focus on pumping the economy at the expense of budgetary discipline, which is well justified given the unexpected times we find ourselves in. With the intention of simply regulating the tax system, the government has convened the most important aspect. It will be remarkable to see if the system would stick to its new regimes and digress from its original commitments


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Delhi’s first paperless budget; Proposes a holistic approach to the burgeoning economy


The budget meeting will take place March 8-16 and will deal with sanctions for the health, education and infrastructure sectors.


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