The DPS team is excited to announce its plans to build an entirely new holistic center in Jamaica that puts sustainability at the heart of its practice.

DPS was founded to support personal healing and daily practices that change life. “We live, teach and work in accordance with our values ​​to promote the reality of a healthy, peaceful and balanced life in this world,” said founder Omar Thomas.

They work to make holistic healing safe and affordable for anyone interested in such therapy, while also providing a place where people can network and share in the community. The team works with a number of organizations outside and on the island to develop programs that will help change lives for the better while seeking natural solutions to everyday problems.

Set to officially open in 2023, the DPS center provides a facility with various workshops and events dedicated to sacred medicine in collaboration with like-minded organizations promoting integration-based therapies and research that depend on solutions found in nature.

The long-term care center will include 12 private eco-accommodation rooms, a 2-bedroom intermediary house, a multipurpose meeting room, clinical research center, pharmacy, outdoor workshop space, cultivation and research laboratory, and recreation areas with a fire pit, hammocks and more. The facility will be available for retreats and events and will offer a variety of resources and community support.

Memberships provide an opportunity to secure and maximize use of the facility and site. All supporting members of society can take advantage of unrestricted and cheaper access to activities, workshops and facilities, while LifeTime members can take advantage of all of these benefits plus three nights of free eco-housing per year with access to wider community participation.

The Jamaica-based facility provides a place for research, exploration and experience and is one of the first of its kind in the world. “The DPS center exists for the benefit of its members, our community and the world,” said another team spokesperson.

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Via the DPS Center

The DPS center and its team are committed to general well-being and sustainability, with an emphasis on natural healing.