After 42 years of chiropractic care for families in Land O ‘Lakes, Lutz and the surrounding area, Dr. Michael Craven is selling his practice and will soon be leaving town. He and his wife Linda are planning a month-long trip with their two dogs traveling west on their Fifth Wheel RV next summer.

“As much as we hate saying goodbye to our patients and our community, Linda and I are ready,” said Dr. Craven, who turned 67 in September. “We look forward to spending more time with our grandchildren and visiting extended families out of state. Also, we plan to buy and live this mountain hut in the forest that we have always dreamed of. “

Dr. Michael Craven, left, recently sold his Land O’Lake chiropractic practice to Dr. Michael McClure.

In the past few weeks, Dr. Craven patient introduced to new practice owner – Dr. Michael McClure, who took over the company at the end of September.

“When I met Dr. McClure, I knew almost immediately that he was a perfect match for me,” said Dr. Craven. “His medical experience and philosophy, and how sincerely he cares for patients as if they were members of his family, was exactly what I was looking for in a doctor to take over my practice.”

Buying a practice like Craven Chiropractic was a success for Dr. McClure and his wife Julie a long-standing dream. The couple had wanted to move to Florida from Pittsburgh for several years to meet Dr. McClure’s parents who live in Spring Hill to be closer and escape the cold.

“We almost made the move three years ago and actually explored Land O ‘Lakes and loved the community at the time, but we couldn’t find a practice that would fit our goals,” said Dr. McClure. “It was actually my mother who saw the list for Craven Chiropractic. When she called me about the opportunity, I said to my wife, ‘Oh my god, Julie, there is a practice in Land O’Lakes that seems perfect for us.’ “

After talking to Dr. Craven suspected Dr. McClure quickly discovered the strengths of Craven Chiropractic. “And the more I got to know Dr. Craven, the more amazed I was at how much we had in common – he was almost a reflection of myself,” he said.

Saying goodbye
“When you sell your business, it’s not like you’re selling your house. It’s more like hiring a babysitter because you’re hiring the person to take care of the people who are very important to you, ”said Dr. Craven.

“I couldn’t think of a better chiropractor to take my place than Dr. McClure. Not only does he provide a great customization, but his style and personality are very similar to mine. He is someone I know will treat you as a friend, not just a patient, ”wrote Dr. Craven told his patient when he announced his resignation.

Dr. Recalling his professional life, Craven shares that after graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1977, he worked in a group practice in Tampa for five years before opening his one-on-one practice in Land O’Lakes in 1983.

His previous office was in the Village Lakes Shopping Plaza, where he established his practice for families in Lutz, Land O’Lakes and Wesley Chapel. In 2008 the Cravens built a new office specifically designed to meet the needs of a modern chiropractic center north of the Land O’Lakes Post Office.

“It was so much fun and rewarding seeing the children and grandchildren of previous patients who became my patients. We even have a couple of fourth generations, ”said Dr. Craven.

When asked what is the biggest change he has seen since he started practicing, he quickly answers on the internet.

“Because of Google search, patients are much better informed today and have many questions,” said Dr. Craven. “There have also been a lot of changes in documentation that take up so much of a doctor’s time. I am happy to have finished with all the regulations, papers and documents. “

Biggest technical improvement?

“Laser therapy by far. Over the past seven years, we have had incredible results with laser therapy in reducing pain, stimulating healing, and reducing inflammation at the cellular level. It’s the most dramatic improvement I’ve seen in 42 years of practice, ”he said.

The couple plan to settle not far from their daughter Kristin and three grandchildren who live in Dahlonega, Georgia. Two of the boys are in middle school playing soccer – games their grandparents saw only once.

The Cravens have two other children – son Michael, a mechanical engineer in Oviedo, and daughter Lacey in Tampa, mother of three and foster parents. The Cravens have six grandchildren who have always been the focus of their lives outside of their practice.

It is obvious that Dr. Craven loves being a chiropractor as much as he did when he started his career, and that retiring was not an easy one.

“It has been hugely rewarding to enjoy what you do and to take such deep roots in a community,” said Dr. Craven. “Seeing people we know in the grocery store and around town – knowing that our practice has helped them and changed their lives – has been very fulfilling. It will be difficult to leave a community that has given so much to me and my family. “

About Dr. McClure
Dr. McClure wanted a chiropractor office that he could expand into new areas like weight loss and sports injuries. He holds a CCSP certification for sports injuries and was a chiropractor on the PGA Tour in New York State from 2009-2010. With his diverse background, Dr. McClure named the practice in Lakes Chiropractic and Wellness.

“Mike is upbeat, energetic, and listens to and cares for his patients just as I set out to do,” said Dr. Craven. “It was just a great fit and I’m absolutely confident that I will hand my patients over to it.”

In the practice as office manager, Lori Rivera, Dr. Craven named the best office manager he has ever worked with. “Lori is of great help to patients with their insurance claims, scheduling and the feeling of being welcome,” he said.

Dr. McClure hails from a large Pittsburgh practice with two offices and five chiropractors in which he has been a majority partner for the past 17 years. “While I loved my Pittsburgh practice and patients, I wanted to be alone.”

He made a decision to focus on finding a Florida practice to buy during a snow storm this past spring. “I’ll never forget the day because it was Cinque de Mayo – May 5th and I was so tired from the snow and the cold,” said Dr. McClure.

After dating Dr. Craven moved quickly, and the McClure family moved to Land O ‘Lakes that summer and bought a house on the Lakeshore Ranch, a subdivision less than 10 minutes from his new US office at 41 in the Black Lake Professional Office Park.

The McClures were quick to get their kids involved in local sports – 7-year-old Camden is goalie for the Tampa Bay Crunch youth hockey team at Wesley Chapel, and 9-year-old Daniella competes at the Florida Elite Swimming Club in Land O’Lakes.

As the McClures settle down, the last few months have been a very emotional time for the Cravens as they prepare to leave Land O ‘Lakes, their home, for over 40 years.

Published on October 21, 2020

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