… Increased risk of fire spreading today and Tuesday … The risk of fire spreading will increase across the region this afternoon as relative humidity levels drop in the low to mid 20 percent range and northwest winds 20 to 25 miles each at times Hour blow. This combination of low humidity, warming temperatures and gusty northwest wind creates favorable conditions for forest fires to ignite and spread, especially this afternoon and early evening. On Tuesday, relative humidity levels in Pennsylvania and New Jersey will drop back into the low to mid 20 percent range. The northwest winds will be a little weaker on Tuesday, with gusts of up to 32 km / h. Residents are asked to handle potential ignition sources carefully, including machines, cigarettes, and matches. Make sure that all smoking materials are disposed of properly. Any dry grass and tree debris that ignites can spread quickly. For more information on the risk of forest fires, limiting burns, and preventing and investigating forest fires, visit your government forestry or environmental protection website.

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