The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said a man was dead after driving the wrong direction on Interstate 40 near mile marker 19 in Seminole County on Sunday morning and colliding with multiple cars before being ejected nearly 100 feet from his vehicle .

OHP said the crash affected five different cars, but a group of Oklahoma Army National Guards happened to drive up to the site and took action to help those involved.

OHP said the accident happened around 10 a.m. Sunday morning when a man named Todd Cahill drove the wrong direction on Interstate 40 and hit four other cars, many of which pulled off the road before reaching nearly 100 feet from his Car was ejected away. Respondents pronounced Cahill dead when they got to the scene.

The people in cars two, four and five were not injured.

OHP said all four people in the car had three injuries and were being rushed to hospital. Three of them were in critical condition.

The Oklahoma Army National Guard said they had a group of six soldiers who had returned to Norman from training in Arkansas when they were there. Colby Wyatt, commander of the 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, said these six soldiers immediately began investigating the injured and continued to assist first responders until the scene cleared up.

Wyatt said, “It gives me comfort to know that our soldiers have the training, knowledge, and diligence to do what they can to serve their fellow Oklahomans in a time of need.”

According to Highway Patrol, the cause of the collision is still being investigated. This section of the highway is now open after being closed for several hours during the investigation.