If you’re like us, you still feel like the live workout experience and are looking for new ways to sweat that are not the same three routines that you did last week. Well, fear never – we have four new live workouts coming to you next week, all for free on our Instagram account and YouTube channel. This week it’s about getting your heart rate up and working your muscles with boxing, barre and HIIT training you will not want to miss. Check out the full schedule below and we’ll see you there! (PS: don’t forget to catch up on our previous live workout programs for more fun and effective routines.)

  • 30-minute boxing training with Leila Leilani (Instagram): Monday, April 26 at 9 PT / 12 ET (equipment recommended: medium weights)
  • 30-minute barre workout with lower body with love sweat fitness (YouTube): Wednesday, April 28 at 9 PT / 12 ET
  • 30-minute LIT method training (Instagram): Thursday, April 29 at 9 PT / 12 ET
  • 30-minute Barre training with gang Lead instructor Bergen Wheeler (Instagram): Friday 30. April at 9 PT / 12 ET

Image source: POPSUGAR Photography