Are you a person with full body training, or do you love to reset in a muscle group to really feel the burn? Well, you do not have to choose between them this week, because we offer Instagram Live training for all of the above. Set in on Monday for a full-body workout in HIIT style from our friends at the LIT method, and then check later in the week for routines that focus on abdominal muscles, glutes and upper body. Everyone wins this week – all you have to do is go over to @popsugarfitness on Instagram to get your sweat on. Check out the full schedule below and we’ll see you there! (PS: don’t forget to catch up on our previous live workout programs for more fun and effective routines.)

  • 30-minute Abs and Glutes Bootcamp with Kellie Williams: Monday, May 10 at 9 PT / 12 ET (equipment recommended: medium dumbbells)
  • 30-minute training with LIT method: Wednesday, May 13 at 9 PT / 12 ET
  • 30-minute upper body and core-focused HIIT with Tara Lyn Emerson: Thursday, May 14 at 9 PT / 12 ET (equipment recommended: medium dumbbells)

Image source: POPSUGAR Photography