Marie is a naturopath. (Jamin Keogh picture)

FMT, in partnership with the Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT), brings you a Covid-19 healer from Ireland.

The mother of the photographer Jamin Keogh, Marie, is a trauma counselor, Reiki practitioner, BiAura healer and angel card reader.

It was only during the lockdown that Jamin discovered why his mother started practicing holistic medicine 25 years ago.

Her motivation was to research alternative healing methods for a critically ill family member who has since recovered, not least thanks to Marie’s dedicated treatment.

In 1997, Marie qualified as a Reiki therapist and began healing the wider community. Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing in which a “universal life energy” is transferred from the practitioner’s palms to the patient’s body in order to remove blockages in his energy fields. People from all over the country have traveled to seek her treatment.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Irish public health advice has been to maintain social distance and not interact with anyone outside your own household.

Determined to continue to alleviate the suffering of her patients, Marie has been treating clients remotely via phone and text for the past few months.

Marie also reads angel cards. (Jamin Keogh picture)
As a Reiki practitioner, Marie works with crystals. (Jamin Keogh picture)

Jamin Keogh is an Irish artist from Limerick who currently lives in Dublin. He has a first class degree in photography from the Institute for Art, Design and Technology (IADT), a Masters in Art and Research Collaboration (IADT) and has worked as an artist, curator and educator. Jamin’s practice fuses audiovisual media with his photographic forms of expression and emphasizes the role of the viewer in the space of the work of art. In 2019 an international committee selected him for the New Irish Works Triennial to present his ongoing research project “A Constant Parameter”. Jamin is currently completing a two-year Masters in Social Sciences at the National University of Ireland in Maynooth (NUIM). Check out his portfolio Here.

‘The Other Hundred Healers’ is an initiative of the non-profit organization GIFT. The 240-page, full-color hardcover book is available for purchase Here at US $ 40 per copy with a minimum order of 20 copies.

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