Company name: Acupuncture & Holistic Health Ctr
First name: Dr. Michael
Surname: Kowalski AP
Address: 4237 Salisbury Road, Suite 107
City: Jacksonville
Status: FL
Post Code: 32216

What kind of business services do you offer? The Jacksonville, Florida Acupuncture and Holistic Health Center offers a range of holistic health services to meet your health needs, including five-element acupuncture, holistic primary care, functional nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, massage, and more.

What role do social media play in your public relations? We are active on Facebook and Instagram and publish interesting information on various holistic topics.

What makes you different from the competition? Our approach to getting to the bottom of the body, mind and spirit really sets us apart from other holistic health clinics. Our number one priority is our wonderful patients, and we go the extra mile to find natural solutions to their health problems.

What is the biggest marketing challenge you will face in the coming year? Educating potential patients about how our unique holistic approach can help them feel so much better not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

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