Despite its growing popularity, some people wonder what chiropractic care means in the upper cervix.

Here we demystify chiropractic care of the upper cervix. It is different from general chiropractic care.

UPPER CERVIC CHIROPRACTICAL CARE – Upper cervical spine chiropractic is a branch of the general area of ​​chiropractic that specializes in treating disorders affecting the upper cervical spine.

THE MAIN FEATURES OF UPPER CERVIC CHIROPRACTICAL CARE – Focus on the Upper Neck: Of all the vertebrae in your neck, the upper neck chiropractors focus more on the upper cervical spine known as the C1 and C2 vertebrae (atlas and axis). These cervical vertebrae connect the skull to the spinal cord and encourage movement of the head.

Care is aimed at correcting an injury to the neck bones that can cause chronic pain, irritation, and nervous system disruption.

Light Interventions: Upper cervical chiropractic care is known for its gentle, safe, simple, and painless adjustments. Through the use of x-rays and scans, a chiropractor can diagnose injuries of the upper cervix. To correct misalignments, they gently and precisely adjust the affected area of ​​the spine.

Fewer Adjustments: Some people think that after seeing an upper cervical chiropractor, you can get an adjustment. Not correct! An upper cervix chiropractor will assess and examine you. The test results determine whether an adjustment is required.

Precise adjustments in chiropractic are only made for injuries to the upper cervix. Adjustments help the body itself.

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