Exurt came from behind and scored a 21:20 win over Emerald Coast Chiropractic in Destin’s championship game of the Lower Division Coed Softball Tournament at the Morgan Sports Center.

After three innings, Chiropractic was at the top 18-9. Exurt started a slow comeback in the fourth with three runs and then two in the fifth. Chiropractic took up a run at the end of the fifth for a 19-14 game.

In sixth place, Exurt stormed back and took the lead with seven runs. Chiropractic scored a final run at the end of the seventh.

Big hitters for Exurt were Andy Collins with two homers, one double and two singles for three RBIs; Chris Birkland, doubles and two singles for two RBIs; Paige Ogdon, Triple, Double, and Single for two RBIs; Justin Abdo and CI Hixson Wells, each a home run.

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Leading chiropractors were Chuck Ball with one doubles and two singles for two RBIs; Becka Shotliff, three singles for an RBI; and Erin Hartsel, one doubles and two singles for an RBI.

In the semifinals, Emerald Coast defeated Chiropractic Exurt 17-14.

After four innings, chiropractic led 5-4. In the fifth inning, Chiropractic scored three and Exurt responded with five for a 9-8 advantage.

In the seventh inning, Chiropractic took the lead back with nine runs. Exurt could only muster five in the lower half.

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Chuck Ball led chiropractic with two doubles and one single for two RBIs. Matt Herberman hit a doubles and two singles for an RBI, Becka Shotliff two singles and Shawn Wood a homerun.

Ron Norville was the front runner for Exurt with two doubles and two singles for two RBIs. Chris Birkland doubled up and hit two singles for three RBIs, and Paige Ogdon singled twice.