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The goal of eating keto is to eat a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates to get into a state of ketosis and burn fat. And while living with the few carbs – only about five to ten percent of your keto diet should be carbs – seems limiting, Lissa Does Keto affects how easy it is to eat delicious snacks and stay on the keto diet.

Lissa has lost 65 pounds on the keto diet and shares her favorite foods, hacks and other tips for the keto lifestyle on her social media channels. At TikTok, she posted a feature of her favorite keto snacks at Costco, and it makes me buy a Costco membership and store. Watch the video to see some of her favorites at Costco’s famous low prices, and see the specific brands ahead.

Best Keto Snacks at Costco From TikToker Lissa makes Keto