Between December 28 and January 3, the Valley Regional Fire Department responded to 231 service requests, including the following:

December 28th

Accident: 9:14 a.m. (Lakeland Hills). Firefighters responding to a collision with two vehicles on a residential street found one vehicle with moderate front end damage, airbag deployment, and one person complaining of mild pain and requiring no further hospital care.

December 29th

Call for help: 6:50 a.m. (Pacific). Firefighters treated a woman who complained of abdominal pain and a private ambulance took her to Multicare Auburn Medical Center (MAMC).

30th of December

Call for help: 11:57 a.m. (Auburn). Firefighters were sent to see a middle-aged man who had a potential seizure while operating his motor vehicle but was able to drive into a lawn between Highway 167 and Highway 18 without damaging his vehicle or any other vehicle. The man was not injured and declined further medical attention so his wife picked him up at the scene.

December 31

Accident: 11:51 a.m. (Pacific). Firefighters responding to a car accident on Ellingson Road near Highway 167 rated several people, none of whom were injured. Firefighters assisted the Pacific Police Department with scene security and traffic control.

January 1st

House fire: 2:55 a.m. (Algona). The first crews to respond to a house fire in Algona aggressively attacked the fire on the second floor, displacing four people. The fire is being investigated.

House fire: 4:02 a.m. (Auburn). The first crews to respond to a house fire in South Auburn saw flames from multiple windows but were able to protect multiple exposures and put the fire down quickly. The fire displaced three people and is being investigated.

January 2nd

Accident: 2:57 p.m. (Auburn). Firefighters responding to a vehicle or bicycle accident rated a person lying on the side of the road. The person was transported to MAMC with minor injuries.

January 3rd

Tree across the street: 8:20 a.m. (Auburn). Firefighters responding to a tree on the West Valley Highway north of Highway 18 cleaned it up with a chainsaw.