The Noble House brings together the first of its kind of naturopaths with an artsy twist for Central El Paso.

Central El Paso opened the first holistic collective of qualified holistic health and wellness professionals specializing in various therapies, alternative health solutions and unique handcrafted products.

Meet Norma Lozcano, the native and proud Indigenous Latina and spiritual entrepreneur who changed her life thanks to her culture and ancestral heritage.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention: Lozano, looking for a higher plane after a traumatic event in her life, led her to quit her company job and travel to Mexico, where she found her cultural roots and spiritual heritage was looking for.

During her time in South America, Lozcano studied alongside local healer-shamans and curanderos, immersing herself in the old school traditions and the ancient art of sacred medicine.

After her healing, transformation, trauma clearing and her spiritual awakening, Norma returned to her hometown to open the first holistic collective of its kind in the borderland.

Upon her return, Lozcano bought the former Agave Rose Gallery across from the El Paso International Museum in El Paso’s historic center and upgraded the two-story building to accommodate other local healers, including her own space, Sage Holistic Wellness, which specializes in trauma and bereavement healing.

Noble House has certified healers such as a birth and postpartum doula, health coach, wet and dry cupping specialist, herbalist, and healthy healer to name a few. Overall, the holistic collective aims to offer an individual system in addition to prevention that appeals to the mind, body and soul.

One of the most unique services the collective offers is the Kambo Detox Super Cleansing, known for its powerful healing properties, created for centuries by indigenous tribes in the Peruvian Amazon.

This weekend, Norma and the rest of the healers invite the “open heart and open mind” community to explore the first holistic collective space in El Paso, TX.

The all-day family-friendly wellness event offers food trucks, craftsmen and salespeople, networking, competitions, courses, yoga, sound wave therapy, sobadores, dream interpreters and much more.

  • Noble house
  • 905 Noble Street
  • Saturday – May 1st, 2021
  • 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • free entry

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