The Fitbit Luxe fitness and wellness tracker gives you all the health monitoring features you need for a watch that you actually want to flaunt. This fashion conscious fitness tracker monitors your sleep, stress, and activity. It also offers you in-app workouts, meditation guides, personalized recommendations, and much more. You will be given a Stress Management Score that will teach you how to reduce stress as well. The beautiful design offers several accessory options and even a special edition Parker Link bracelet made of Gorjana soft gold stainless steel. This chic smartwatch offers a Health Metrics dashboard, a color touchscreen and a battery life of up to five days. In addition, breathing rate, heart rate, skin temperature, resting heart rate and oxygen saturation are recorded. You can even use it to monitor your food, hydration, weight, and menstrual health. After all, the Fitbit Luxe goes with every outfit with its elegant design.

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