The Center for Health & Wellbeing in Orlando, Florida, a suburb of Winter Park, is the first in the area to focus on prevention. The Winter Park Health Foundation has partnered with Florida Hospital to open this integrative center for fitness, mental health, and wellness. In order to bring these three areas together, the foundation and the hospital commissioned Duda Paine Architects, who combined the mission of the former with a well thought-out and holistic design approach.

“[The center]It is for all ages, young to old, and for people in the community to be part of the process of staying healthy and healthy, ”said Turan Duda, co-founder of the Durham, North Carolina architectural firm that bears his name. “It’s not just about nurses and doctors. It’s a knowledge base for things like nutrition training and dance lessons. “

Glulam pillars from Bell Structural Solutions hold a towering roof. (Robert Benson Photography)

The 80,000 square meter area comprises two floors with interlocking rectangular volumes with high ceilings and visual connections to the surrounding walk-in gardens. Duda Paine used natural materials and custom terrazzo art throughout the space. Located in the heart of the center, the Commons, a large multipurpose space made up of seven structural bays, is an example of Duda Paine’s incorporation of natural elements. Guests entering the room are greeted by wooden walls made by TerraMai. They set the tone for the interior.

The Winter Park Health Foundation commissioned seven custom resin and terrazzo medallions from local artist Keri Caffrey. The highly detailed artwork is 6 feet in diameter and depicts scenes inspired by the local flora and fauna. Duda Paine placed the pieces throughout the center to promote orientation and social wellbeing. For example, there is a medallion with bees working together in front of the conference center. “The collection is integrated into the interior to give visitors clues about the building’s programs and to link them directly to the centre’s offerings and tasks,” said Duda. Terrazzo art works in harmony with wood products to create a space for wellness for the community.

Architect: Duda Paine Architects
Place: Winter Park, Florida

Landscape architect: Foster Conant & Associates
Light designer: Cline Bettridge Bernstein lighting design
Structural engineer: Paul J. Ford & Company
Construction manager: Jack Jennings & Sons
Vision Spandrel glass with customer-specific frit: Viracon
ACM input areas: Alpolic
EIFS system: Sto gold coat
Custom metal facade slats: ACME glass
Wooden walls: Terramar
Accent tile: Stone spring
Floor tiles: Daltile
Glulam pillars: Bell structural solutions
Linear metalwork ceiling: Armstrong
Custom glass handrail with frits: Tecnoglass

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