Flowers, clothes and a photo were found at the site of the terrible crash in Tanjong Pagar on Saturday, as people paid their respects to the five men who were killed when the BMW they were in crashed into a commercial building and caught fire rose.

Notes of condolence were also among the items placed around the empty storefront.

The accident happened on the second day of the Chinese New Year. Police said it was the highest number of people killed in a single traffic accident in the past decade.

The area was cordoned off yesterday morning but attracted a lot of curious onlookers, friends and family.

A woman in a black dress who said she was a member of the family arrived around mid-morning and placed a bouquet of blue flowers at the entrance to the store.

She declined to speak to the media, but removed the photo and clothing that had been placed on the scene.

Aside from another friend who arrived around noon, there were people who stopped in their cars or on foot to take pictures of the charred shop front.

A couple who had been eating at a nearby market said they had come to offer a prayer for the driver, Mr. Jonathan Long, whom their son had met years ago.

A passerby, a 73-year-old mechanical engineering consultant who only gave his name as Mr. Tan, said he was visiting the church next to the crash site.

He took photos of the accident site and told The Straits Times that there were frequent high-speed cars in Tanjong Pagar and where he lives in Katong.

Many residents of Block 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza had heard a car speeding in the neighborhood before the accident.

A 51-year-old 10th-floor businessman who wanted to be known only as Ms. Siew said, “I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of a car spinning through the neighborhood and then I saw it hurtling down the street Street and heard a crash.

“A moment later it smelled of smoke.”

A 20-year-old manager who lives on the 24th floor said: “My father was woken up a couple of times on Saturday between 4:00 AM and 5:00 AM to the excitement of a car racing down the track (next to our block).

“He also saw people get off at the bus stop across from our block and get into the car.”

All five men who died had worked at Aviva Financial Advisers.

Four were financial advisors to the company at the time of her death. They were Mr. Long and Mr. Eugene Yap, both 29, Mr. Elvin Tan Yong Hao, 28, and Mr. Teo Qi Xiang, 26.

Gary Wong Hong Chieh, 29, was a former company representative.

The five men were sitting in the BMW M4 Coupé when it slammed into the front of the office building at around 5.40 and went up in flames.

Mr. Long’s friend, Ms. Raybe Oh Siew Huey, 26, was severely burned while trying to rescue the men trapped in the burning car.

Like yesterday afternoon, Ms. Oh was still in critical condition in the intensive care unit, a Singapore General Hospital (SGH) spokesman said.

An employee at the SGH morgue said the five bodies would not be released yesterday.

Friends of the dead told The Straits Times that no guards were scheduled yesterday as they were told that the forensic team could not identify the bodies without DNA testing. The DNA results would take a few days.

“There is no recovery until the DNA tests are completed. It will take the police a few days to release the bodies,” said a friend, a 28-year-old bank clerk who refused to be named.

Ms. Clarissa Tan, 23, a friend of Mr. Yap’s, said, “Eugene was a very, very good friend and we were very impressed. He was very concerned about the well-being of his friends. And he always made sure we . ” were safe home after one night. “

The disc jockey added that Mr. Yap was a hardworking man who handled her family’s insurance. His Instagram profile states that he was an asset manager at Aviva Financial Advisers.

He was also a co-founder of the local bubble tea chain Bober Tea.

Ms. Tan said, “He used to come to my house for food and bubble tea. If I were sick or in the hospital, he would be the first to visit me.”

The 28-year-old bank director said: “Both Jon (Jonathan Long) and Raybe are close friends of mine.

“Young, motivated and kind-hearted. Like many young people, they have their playful side, but never (intended) to harm anyone.”

“I was so excited for you to tie the knot, but what’s left now is just heartbreak.”

Flowers for the dead at the crash site

Yesterday, relatives and friends of the five young men killed in the terrible car accident on Saturday visited the boarded-up crash site – an empty Tanjong Pagar office building that the BMW M4 CoupĂ© had smashed into before it went up in flames. Some left flowers or notes, while others, including strangers, just stood there and said a prayer in silence for the dead. The traffic police are investigating enforcement and road calming measures in the region.