Foot Levelers this week welcomed health professionals and the general public to its new rehabilitation website, which features interactive resources that show patients how to perform rehabilitation exercises. The ultimate goal of the website is to provide patients with access to safe, easy-to-follow exercises to prevent and relieve pain.

The Foot Levelers Rehabilitation website is a hands-on educational tool filled with material ideal for inclusion in treatment programs and sharing with patients. It is designed to help patients learn more about their condition and perform rehab exercises at home for better results and a faster recovery. This supports a holistic, non-invasive approach to wellness and healing naturally rather than through alternatives like opioids or surgery.

The website has numerous informative rehab articles and videos showing how to do exercises and use equipment such as the TRI-FLEX®® full body rehab system. The content is conveniently organized by different parts of the body such as the feet, shoulders, and spine, and provides information on common conditions in these areas and their treatments. Some of these common conditions include plantar fasciitis, bursitis, knee pain, and lower back pain. Website visitors seeking care can fill out a contact page that will be directed to a foot leveler provider for treatment.

In developing the website, Foot Levelers partnered with well-respected chiropractors who shared their recommendations and insights, monitored the video footage, and reviewed the content before launching. The website is specially designed for use on multiple platforms so that users can conveniently access content from their smartphones, tablets, computers or other devices.

The website is a valuable tool for providing virtual patient care in addition to or instead of office visits. Because many people perform rehabilitation at home for social and other reasons, the website is a convenient and easy way for them to access the information they need to be successful from anywhere. Poor posture and poor ergonomic conditions at home and at work can lead to joint pain and increase the risk of injury. Chiropractic and rehabilitation combined with custom-made orthotics are a proven alternative for healing conditions that cause pain rather than just treating the pain themselves.

“We created the Foot Leveler Rehabilitation website to help healthcare professionals get the best rehabilitation outcomes by providing videos and information not available anywhere else,” said Kent Greenawalt, Chairman and CEO of Foot Levelers, Inc. “We are excited about the benefits clinicians and their patients are getting from this dynamic, easy-to-use website, and we are confident that it will contribute to improved healing and quality of life. “

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