AIA Malaysia has unveiled an overhaul of its health and wellness ecosystem.

The realigned ecosystem called Total Health Solution is based on its three supporting pillars – live well, protect well and get healthy.

Together they present a comprehensive health and wellness ecosystem.

Ben Ng (pictured), Chief Executive Officer of AIA Bhd, said: “Since the pandemic started, we have seen Malaysians demand more from their insurance and takaful plans.

“They value holistic support and guidance in maintaining good health while receiving rewards for making healthier choices.

“The Total Health Solution we have created is a symbiotic partnership of services and products that accompany the customer’s health journey,” he explained.

The first pillar, Live Well, is AIA’s health program – AIA Vitality – to support members on their way to better health.

The second, Protect Well, brings together AIA’s product solutions that offer better deals and additional insurance or takaful benefits when staying healthy with AIA Vitality.

In the meantime, Get Well is showcasing AIA’s healthcare services that help aid clients’ treatment and recovery.

The new partnerships complement the introduction of its Total Health Solution.

Launched in 2016, AIA Vitality encourages members to make healthier choices every day with fitness tracking, healthy food discounts, and sleep tracking powered by the MyAIA app.

On April 1st, AIA Vitality introduced a new food tracking feature that allows members to record their daily food intake and receive AI-driven reviews of their meals.

Supported by Holmusk, a data science and digital health company, members will enjoy new content on healthy eating and eating.

Comprehensive product solutions can be found under Protect Well.

The company recently added the A-Plus Health Guard plan to its medical portfolio, which enables employees to upgrade their medical protection in addition to their employer’s / company’s existing insurance through AIA.

New critical illness plans have also been introduced, targeting both conventional and takaful customers, covering up to 180 conditions.

In addition, many of AIA’s latest medical and critical illness plans cover pandemic-related illness and hospital treatment costs, including treatment for complications or side effects that require hospitalization after taking the approved Covid-19 vaccine.

The Get Well pillar offers differentiated health services.

For clients struggling with serious illness throughout their treatment and recovery process, AIA has partnered with Medix, who specialize in providing high quality global medical management services.

Customers can receive personalized medical advice on the best possible treatment plan for their condition.

There is also a new partnership with Healthtech telemedicine provider DOC2US for services such as instant online consultations with healthcare professionals, medication prescriptions (e-prescriptions) and on-site medication delivery at preferential prices, all available through the MyAIA app.

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