Herbal Academy publishes new cancer treatment series for free

Boston, MA – In the spring of 2021, Herbal Academy shared the news of visionary and founder Marlene Adelmann’s cancer diagnosis with her community of over 500,000 members, and following the announcement, released a new series to bring trustworthy resources, herbs, hope and healing support for the cancer community.

Marlene is fortunate to have a wealth of knowledge and the support of numerous herbalists and health professionals by her side as she guides her cancer diagnosis, but not everyone in her situation has the same level of support. While herbalist Marlene is temporarily stepping down from the day-to-day running of the school to prioritize her health and recovery, she has entrusted the Herbal Academy, a global leader in herbalism education with over 100,000 students worldwide, with a new mission of providing the public with free, reliable cancer resources To make available .

Herbal Academy proactively launched a new special series Held in Hope in honor of founder Marlene Adelmann and her newfound friends in the cancer community with the aim of providing hope, community and resources for holistic cancer treatment. To really make this accessible, anyone can sign up for this free series at any time.

“The information in this Hero on Hope series is not a substitute for medical treatment.” Amber Meyers, Director of Marketing, said, “The mission is to help cancer patients overcome the clutter of an overly saturated cancer drug market, to provide trustworthy resources to seekers and to be a source of hope and connection. “

The participants in the series learn more about some of the most important offers of the Herbal Academy for holistic information on cancer treatment from reputable books and resources with a high quality standard. Information about herbs, diets, and mushrooms that can provide assistance in addition to medical treatment; Stress management, meditation, and other supportive practices that can be incorporated into one’s routine; and stories and hopes of people living (and even thriving) with cancer.

The Held In Hope series is for those recently diagnosed with cancer who are already on a difficult journey and the family members and caregivers who support someone with cancer.

Learn more and sign up for the free Held in Hope series anytime for trusted cancer resources from trusted and experienced medical and herbalists.
For press inquiries, contact Safiyyah Bazemore at communications@theherbalacademy.com.

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