Laura Gerrits-Gedvile, CEO of The Holistic Enterprise
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A new approach to business transformation and growth is brought to the Middle East for the first time as The Holistic Enterprise introduces its unique management framework to help companies transition from Covid to Co-Win.

With the aim of helping companies in the region to recover after the turbulence of 2020, the Holistic Business Excellence Framework is based on an established end-to-end management process that has been successfully implemented in companies across Northern Europe since 2012 . Supplied by The Holistic Enterprise, it is a team of business transformation experts and is specifically aimed at CEOs looking to reshape their organization to work more effectively with the same resources while building resilience to future threats.

Laura Gerrits-Gedvile, CEO of The Holistic Enterprise, said: “The effects of the pandemic are still being felt as many companies remain in survival or ‘wait and see’ mode when they could actually take positive steps to move faster recover and build up their defenses against future challenges. “

Commenting on the benefits of the system, Laura said, “Every business owner dreams of self-regulating teams that allow them to focus on strategic planning, but in reality, they are often distracted by daily firefighting because of a lack of cohesion between them Departments. Our holistic approach represents a game changer for CEOs by actively breaking down barriers between isolated departments, eliminating traditional KPI-driven practices and focusing on the end-to-end system to deliver customer promises through a visualized and collaborative process deliver. ”

Laura explained the Covid-to-Co-Win approach: “We help companies build a so-called holistic visual business discipline. This means mapping the end-to-end business process, understanding it from the customer’s point of view, streamlining the flow of information and decision-making, and translating all of this into a visual representation that can be shared by team members either online or on a physical board can be viewed. ”

She continued, “Visualizing the process stimulates critical thinking and creativity, which can immediately lead to improvements in business practices. We then incorporate a daily management routine with stand-up meetings that focus on this visual representation, in particular the organizational structure and the networking of functions. This helps eliminate silos and refocus priorities to put the customer first, creating a more efficient, quality-driven process that builds long-term business resilience. “

The Holistic Enterprise is already working with organizations in the region, including the CEO Clubs Network UAE. Sarah Dong, Executive Director of the network, said, “The Holistic Business Excellence Framework has helped us organize the team and set goals more effectively. The visual aspect ensures that we are all focused and well informed about the whole process and seeing results gives us the energy to achieve our mission. As a result, we’ve improved our business excellence and increased sales, and signed a new contract with others in the pipeline after just two months. “

The Holistic Business Excellence Framework is suitable for companies of all sizes from every sector and can be fully provided via an online interface.

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