Lakewood, CO, Jan 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –
Green & Gold, a new line of hemp products, launches today with the official launch of three full spectrum hemp oil offerings. The sustainable line consists of full-spectrum hemp extract so that customers can experience the entire hemp plant as a holistic alternative to better health.

Full-spectrum hemp contains dozens of compounds that have been shown to show benefits in a variety of areas for every lifestyle. The Green & Gold team comes from the hemp plant, which is inherently resilient, and pays special attention to every step of the growing and harvesting process to ensure the high quality of the hemp plants and the general ability to produce an exceptional line of products. The hemp used for every Green & Gold product is essentially sustainable and completely organic and free from harsh chemicals and pesticides.

“Purity and sustainability go a long way in making better quality products. Our meticulous practices enable us to offer full-spectrum industry-leading hemp oils to customers looking for more holistic alternatives to products currently on the market,” said John Ramsay, the Founder of Green Gold. “Our goal is to offer users the full spectrum of the hemp plant. We have worked hard to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our products.”

Green & Gold debuts three full spectrum primary hemp oils available in an easy to use dropper format:

  • Pure hemp oil: This hemp oil has been specially developed to ensure balance and a lasting radiance. Available in standard thickness ($ 70) and additional thickness ($ 135).
  • Dream hemp oil: In combination with melatonin, the hemp oil was developed to calm the body and mind and ensure a restful sleep. Available in standard thickness ($ 80) and additional thickness ($ 145).
  • Red Hot Hemp Oil: This product contains organic hemp oil with vitamins A, D, and E to help the body detoxify from harmful chemicals. Available in standard thickness ($ 80) and additional thickness ($ 145).

Each formulation is designed to be processed and distributed throughout the body and ultimately used where it is needed most.

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About green & gold

Green & Gold is a line of organic full spectrum hemp oil products. The line was created by John Ramsay, CEO and co-founder of Infinite CBD, an established vegan CBD brand. Further information about the company can be found at:

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