We know Brie Larson for her next-level training and jaw-dropping fitness performance, like pushing a 5,000-pound car or holding a pull-up for an entire minute. You know, the usual. But one of the reasons she can accomplish all these incredible accomplishments, train every day and become superhero strong is because she knows how critical it is to recover.

“Recovery is important,” Larson emphasizes in his latest video. “If you’ve been hurt, you know what I’m talking about. When you experience that your body is not capable of doing something that it was always able to do before, you start to become obsessed with backtracking and wondering what steps might have been taken. Because if you have to train hard … you have to restore your body. “(Personal aside: I’m recovering from a frustrating injury myself and I can confirm. Do the work now so you are not forced to take a break later.)

So how does Larson do it? The actress touched on six different aspects of her recovery routine.

  1. Theragun and Hypervolt: Larson says she has both of these deep massage tools, which are expensive but easy to use and very effective on tight muscles.
  2. Muscle rollers: Larson has a small hand-held roller and three different types of foam rollers, including the traditional smooth option, one with pressure points to encourage deeper release and another that vibrates. “Where it gets sore, this is where the knots are,” explains Larson. “I just put as much emphasis as possible [on the foam roller] to really get up there. “She particularly focused on rolling over her hip flexors, which she said have been ‘super tight’ recently.
  3. HyperIce Venom Wrap: Another expensive recovery tool, Larson uses this vibrating, heated wrap to loosen his muscles. (Larson says WWE star Tegan Knox, one of her training buddies, also uses Venom.)
  4. Stretching and yoga: Larson demonstrates some of her favorite stretches and yoga poses, including standing hamstring stretches, downward-facing dog, upward-facing dog, and seated spinal twist. (More about her tight hip extends below!)
  5. Heat and icing: Another classic recovery tip, Larson says she does both after a workout by taking a hot shower and icing muscles with ice packs. There is conflicting research on what to do first, but it’s worth experimenting with your body to see what works best.
  6. Eat protein: “If you exercise, be sure to consume amino acids,” says Larson. In other words, eat protein, a macronutrient that is made up of amino acids and helps your muscles build stronger after a workout.

Brie Larson’s favorite hip extensions

Larson mentioned that her hips have been particularly tight lately. “I do not know why!” she said, which, the same. My hip flexors just twist together like old elastics in there. Larson shouted a few moves she particularly likes to open her hip flexors, including:

  • Curving three-legged dog: This downward dog variation involves lifting a leg and bending it at the knee so that your hip bend opens up to the side. “I do every chance I can get because my hips are so tight right now,” Larson said.
  • Kneeling square stretch: A low lunge opens your hips alone, but by sticking to a square stretch makes it even better. “I will never do this,” Larson admitted, “but it is the most effective stretch.”
  • 90/90: You can’t beat this simple, effective mobility exercise, the last one that Larson shared.

Larson said she trains every day (probably for Captain Marvel 2!) so she does not have time “to come in the next day and have something to be tight.” When she’s not in the gym, “I do everything I can to recover,” she said, and we’re all for it. Watch Larson’s full video above!