BATAVIA – A Batavia woman is held at Erie County Medical Center with minor injuries while police are investigating this morning’s accident with the vehicle she was driving and a Batavia City Fire Department truck.

The Batavia police said the accident happened around 9:09 a.m. The city fire brigade’s truck responded to another call.

City Police Sgt. Mitchell Cowen said in a press release that the Mercy EMS ambulance transported the woman to the ECMC. The press release did not mention any injuries to anyone in the fire engine. Fees are still pending.

“The investigation is pending at this point and more information will be released at a later date,” Cowen said in the press release. “Traffic in the area is still impacted at this point as the National Grid crews are still on site to repair their equipment and clear the intersection of an overflow caused by transformer damage.”

Cowen told The Daily News, “They would replace a mast and transformer,” he said.

“It’s just about the fact that it’s slippery,” Cowen said of the liquid. “Traffic is still limited to two lanes.”

The woman driving east on West Main Street was transported from the scene in an ambulance, but no information was provided as to where she was being taken.

“This morning we received a call for a car accident, a vehicle that had tipped on its side on West Main Street and River Street,” said Greg Ireland, captain of the Batavia city fire department, at the scene. “The driver of the vehicle was alert and conscious when we arrived but couldn’t get out … We stabilized the vehicle and the crew did a great job of breaking it out and getting them out safely.”

“Mercy EMS handled patient care with her. At the moment, the injuries appear to be non-life threatening, ”he said. “We have some damage to one of the poles, one of the transformers. National Grid, we have a representative here and we are waiting for more vehicles to come here to deal with this situation. We’re waiting for the tow company to get this vehicle up and out of here. Then we clean up the intersection. Since there is some oil at the intersection, we will try to suck it up in order to avoid further accidents later at this intersection. “

Ireland estimated at 9:40 a.m. that firefighters would be on site for another half an hour to an hour.

“I don’t know whether the police need to carry out an accident reconstruction. In that case, we’ll help them keep the area closed, ”he said. “I don’t know if you have to, how long it will take.”

Another driver, Lynn Mucica of Byron, said she was waiting at the red light on West Main at the junction with River Street when the accident happened.

“The car was spinning and I thought it was going to hit the car next to me, but it turned and hit that bar instead,” Mucica said. “Then I think she turned around a couple of times and landed there. I don’t know if she saw the cars and couldn’t stop or what happened. “

Mucica said she was in the process of picking up a DoorDash order and needed to call and cancel the order.

“I had already picked up an order and was on my way to pick up another order,” she said.

The Batavia police force was assisted on the ground by city firefighters, the Public Works Department and Mercy EMS.