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♬ Rip x Caroline – Kuya Magik

Those of us with low back pain know that we try almost everything to relieve it. Fortunately, thanks to TikTok, there is a wealth of chiropractor tips in the palm of our hands. Today’s tip comes from chiropractor Brian Meenan, DC, of ​​the Pittsburgh Premier Chiropractic Clinic. In his viral TikTok, he instructs viewers to grab a door handle, take a deep squat, lean back slightly, and push on their thighs to twist (make sure to get the other side).

I tried this for myself and it gave me a good morning stretch that definitely came to my lower back in the best way. The stretch also reminded me of the Malasana squat yoga pose with a twist. Here’s a tip from me to you: If the deep squat feels a little too deep, try sitting on a yoga block for more support under your seat. Thanks to Dr. Meenan it’s time to relieve our low back pain by twisting again like we did last summer!