Gold Logie winner Samuel Johnson is in hospital after a car accident on Saturday night.

He is awake and talking, but is still recovering, said his sister Hilde Hinton in a post on the Facebook page of the charity Love Your Sister.

She said he was accidentally run over on the way to his family.

“I wish I didn’t have to tell you,” she said.

“Our Ambos picked it up in record time and stowed it safely in the hospital.

“The fantastic medical staff are in full swing taking care of his sore head.

Samuel Johnson, pictured with late sister Connie Johnson, founded the charity Love Your Sister.

“He’s awake and not too happy that he doesn’t have his pants – nobody loves a hospital gown.

“Hearing his voice is nice, but I can’t wait to be hugged when it’s safe.”

Mr Johnson founded the Love Your Sister charity after his late sister Connie Johnson challenged him to unicycle around Australia to raise money for cancer research.

Named Victoria Australian of the Year 2018 for his efforts, the actor raised more than $ 13 million through the charity.

Originally published as a Gold Logie winner in Horror Car Crash