Formulate separate plans focusing on all important aspects

For the first time, multi-year perspective plans are being prepared

Mohinder Verma
JAMMU, April 20: The government of the territory of the Union of Jammu and Kashmir has established a multi-layered strategy to advance development activities at the district level with an emphasis on all important aspects. In addition, for the first time, each district will have separate plans for employment, housing, tourism, industry, health, sports and street connectivity.
Instructions have even been given for formulating a multiannual outlook plan to ensure that some issues that cannot be resolved in a single year are addressed over a period of 2-3 years, or a maximum of five years.
High-ranking sources told EXCELSIOR that the Finance Commissioner for Finance, Dr. AK Mehta, in the presence of the Secretary General BVR Subrahmanyam, I recently prepared a detailed Power Point presentation for Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on the formulation and implementation of the district development plan with a focus on all important aspects of development.
Accordingly, with the approval of the Vice-Governor, a multi-layered strategy was established to ensure the holistic development of all districts of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The strategy was developed taking into account the democratic decentralization of functions, funds and officials.
“For the implementation of the district plans, the district development councils will act as the district planning committee under Article 243-ZD of the Indian Constitution, and the programs related to functions delegated under the 73rd and 74th amendments will become part of the district plan,” informed you further.
They announced that each district in the Union Territory will formulate a District Development Plan and identify key problems in the area of ​​its functions and use available resources to address the problems that citizens face. “Each district will also formulate a multi-year outlook plan to ensure that some issues that cannot be resolved in a single year are addressed over a period of 2-3 years, or a maximum of five years,” added sources.
The district development plans include block development plans that cover the list of issues that need to be addressed at the block level, and the block level planning ensures that issues between different panchayats are resolved when more than one panchayat is affected.
At the grassroots level, Panchayat development plans will be formulated with the involvement of Gram Sabhas who will hold at least two meetings to formulate their plans according to the maximum limits already communicated to them by the district development commissioners.
Sources said that each district will submit an employment plan for the district: “Each district will ensure that job card holders can get 100 work days during the year and this would be seen as a performance indicator for the assistant commissioners.” They added added: “They (Deputy Commissioners) have also been instructed to identify the youth seeking self-employment in a panchayat and to receive the necessary financial support from a number of programs established by the Territorial Government of the Union and Jammu and Kashmir Bank are taking the lead in these matters to ensure that every single youth seeking employment outside of government is given the opportunity. “
In addition, there will be a housing plan for each district, and with the number of people falling under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), it is already known that the instructions for saturation have been given for both rural and urban areas Approved for urban areas where a loan can be obtained from Jammu and Kashmir Bank to allow beneficiaries to avail a greater amount in urban areas. This parameter will help the government evaluate the districts’ performance. “
Sources said there is even a district tourism plan being formulated, saying, “There is a provision of approximately Rs.300 billion that can be used for the development of pilgrimage sites with historical heritage.” The main focus has been on the use of existing assets since then The number of assets available in the districts remains unused throughout the year. “
The focus of the tourism plan is on optimizing the use of available resources to transform the district into a vibrant tourist destination within a year. “Funds available under various tourism development programs can be used to plan and conduct tourism-related activities at the district level,” the sources say.
As a new industrial policy has been announced, with a particular focus on building industries in remote areas, each district will prepare an industrial plan to expedite the process of clearing and ensure the availability of land for entrepreneurs who want to set up their industries in different districts and added, “Each district has already identified a product to promote the industry.”
“J&K has one of the best health infrastructures in the country and one of the highest doctors per 1000 inhabitants. However, given the COVID-19 health plans, they are very important and therefore district health plans are being formulated to cope with the current situation with the help of stakeholders, “they said.
As part of the sports plan, each district will ensure that each panchayat has a playing field and that each school organizes several sports activities. In addition, the popular sporting activities will feature games at the panchayat, block, and district levels, and these events will also identify players for provincial and UT level activities.
The districts will also develop a road connectivity plan to ensure that proper connectivity is provided to the desired residential areas and that the district roads are kept in good condition to ensure that the roads are free of potholes, which will be a key performance indicator also contain tribal development and irrigation plans ”.

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