NEW DELHI: As a great relief to road accident victims, the government will offer free cashless treatment up to Rs 2.5 billion to ensure that everyone in such situations, including during the “golden hour”, has access to immediate medical care Supply has. . The policy also applies to foreigners.
The Ministry of Road Transport has hired the National Health Authority (NHA), which is implementing Ayushman Bharat’s Prime Minister Jan Aarogya Yojna, to process claims made by hospitals after treating the injured and will use their robust IT platform to do that To carry out the program.
The Ministry will set up a motor vehicle aid fund with its own contribution and also from the General Insurance Company (GIC).
According to the ministry, GIC bears the costs incurred by victims as a result of accidents with insured vehicles and in cases of “hit and run”. The Ministry of Road Transport bears the costs of accidents with uninsured vehicles.
The move becomes more important considering that in 2019 nearly 1.49 lakh were killed in traffic accidents and about five lakh were injured. About 15% of deaths are due to “hit and run” cases. According to a report by the Law Commission, almost 50% of deaths can be avoided by receiving timely medical care for accident victims.
In addition, policies aim to provide relief to the poor who hospitals cannot pay for medical care in advance.
Under the plan, NHA will have its own cell to implement the system and settle claims. NHA was involved in the implementation of the Ayushman Bharat program based on its extensive experience.
Almost 20,000 private and government hospitals are on the NHA platform. This would be of great help for a faster and more successful implementation of the program.
Claims will be released after proper evaluation and the recovered victims will be examined from head to toe at a later date.