Guru Manish, the well-known young and dynamic Ayurveda and naturopathic expert, who has also established himself as a thought leader, has dedicated himself entirely to raising awareness for India’s ancient herbal medicine or Veda – Ayurveda.

As a child, Guru Manish remained quite unwell. Over time, he realized that his body needed more than just medication. Not only does he need recovery, he also needs healing. When he was introduced to “Ayurvedic Healing” and began to feel the difference in his body, he was sure that Ayurveda was a complete solution for a healthy and disease-free life. It was at this point that Guru Manish decided to bring Ayurveda to the forefront of India’s health system.

Guru Manish says: “Ayurveda works on the cause of the disease and leaves no side effects. In addition, herbal products relieve the body of toxins and help it recover. This process helps the body fight off any disease. “

Guru Manish started spreading the concept of holistic health through Ayurveda in 1997 and after massive efforts in 2019 founded ‘Shuddhi Ayurveda’, an Ayurvedic clinic & research center in Zirakpur, on the outskirts of Chandigarh – ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and treatments that nourish the body internally , are used to treat patients with various ailments.

Guru Manish is only 46 years old and has a very clear vision to promote Ayurveda as part of the Indian government’s “Vocal for Local” campaign. “Ayurveda” has enormous potential to reverse the deteriorating state of health around the world. A person without disease does not need treatment, but should prepare to protect their body from disease. However, when a disease does occur, a strategy of attack is used to treat the symptoms of the disease and eliminate the cause of the disease. Ayurveda offers both a comprehensive defense and attack strategy.

Guru Manish’s mantra uses Ayurveda and healthy living habits to prevent disease from occurring, rather than cure it. He emphasizes leading a life that revolves around the practice of Ayurveda, leading a healthy lifestyle, having a balanced diet, and practicing yoga and meditation. With unreserved hard work and an immortal passion for promoting Ayurveda, Guru Manish is committed to promoting Ayurveda.

Today there are more than 160 Ayurveda centers across India under Shuddhi Ayurveda. In addition, he initiated a “Right to Health” initiative through Ayurveda and founded India’s first integrated hospital for medical sciences – the Rajiv Dixit Memorial Hospital & Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences (HIIMS) in Dera Bassi near Chandigarh.

Guru Manish sums up: “The Integrated Medicine Sciences hospital will provide patients with a meaningful mix of different medical systems. HIIMS has combined the goodness and healing power of these diverse medical sciences under one roof. The idea is to effectively treat any disease in the human body using best practices from various medical systems. The hospital will offer facilities for Ayurveda, Allopathy, Diabetes Control, Unani, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, etc. These are led by experts who are top specialists in their selected areas. “

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