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Medharbour, based in Gurugram, opens the first inpatient health center for holistic wellbeing

Published on January 25, 2021

New Delhi: Medharbour, which has become one of the leading names in the healthcare industry, is now expanding its goal of bringing all of the healthcare services essential for holistic wellbeing under one roof. As part of its new expansion plan, Medharbour is introducing a wide range of health services based on the latest technology to meet the individual health needs of each individual. The revised and expanded Medharbour serves as a convergence point for various specialist areas and a network of experienced medical professionals. The idea behind this step is to use the multi-specialties in healthcare to promote holistic wellbeing.

One of the main highlights is the introduction of a brand new rehabilitation center for private households, which offers health specialists from various disciplines. The complex would also function as a post-operative nursing home. When patients undergo surgery of any kind, they require extremely personal care even after they are discharged from the hospital. If there are no adequate facilities at home for the purpose, they can use the Medharbour Rehabilitation Center which offers the convenience of a hotel as well as the facilities of a specialized health center.

The center also houses special clinics for different specialties such as diabetes, high blood pressure, spinal problems, breast disease, etc. There is also a daycare for elderly patients with other chronic problems that they can access to doctors from various sources and referrals . To top it off, the center offers a range of mental health and wellness programs. The center can continue to be visited in the event of sports-related injuries and similar problems that require physiotherapy services.

Medharbour Director Nishant Gupta said of the initiative: “The idea behind the expansion is to build a world where quality health care is easily accessible. We want to make a difference with our experience and focus on multi-specialties. Basically, we offer a unique healthcare offering that aims to fill the gap in conventional hospitals. Medharbour is redefining the Indian healthcare sector with its services, technology and network of experienced doctors. “

The areas of expertise covered by Medharbours include orthopedics, pain management, general medicine, ENT, laser surgery, gynecology, nutrition and wellness, radiology, home care, sports-related injuries and yoga. Specialists and physiotherapists are also on board for knee and hip care, neurorehabilitation and interventional neurology.