TACOMA, Washington. – A chiropractic center needs to be rebuilt after an overnight fire damaged the building.

Crews were called to the Puget Sound Chiropractic Center in Tacoma on Pacific Ave and S37 early Thursday.

It was reported that flames shot through the partially collapsed roof. At one point, flames consumed the entire back quarter of the building.

The crews fought the fire from outside the building, but went inside as soon as most of the fire was down.

Firefighters then worked to put out fires inside.

Dr. Steve Baumel says he drove to his family business to find it was damaged by fire.

“It’s definitely a shock to find this burned down,” he said. “My father had this building built in 1984 and has been in this neighborhood since 1970.”

Firefighters said fallen power lines prevented them from entering an alleyway where they wanted to fight the flames.

According to the battalion chief at the scene, engines pumped copious amounts of water into the fire.

Baumel hopes that his computer servers and patient files have survived.

“It’s the patients. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind to reach them, ”said Baumel.

No one was inside during the fire, but Baumel said he suspected who might have been outside the building when the fire started.

“Could be someone trying to find cover – homeless people lighting a fire – hopefully they’re fine,” Baumel said.

Baumel said he will find a place where he and his staff can work as quickly as possible while the building is being restored.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.