Henry Cavill is another star to add to your list of Don Julio 1942 lovers.

Henry Cavill is another star to add to your list of Don Julio 1942 lovers. He took a picture of himself next to his chilled bottle of nearly $ 200 anejo tequila.

He doesn’t just drink over ice, however. While this may sound like a crime, Superman might be into something. If he wants to mix something with top-notch alcohol, it needs holistic health benefits.

Paired with botanical water

Cavill used his caption to strangely focus on the fact that he was wearing a cap in it, but we’ll skip this part. He noted the beneficial properties of No1 Botanicals, particularly the company’s ‘Lemon Verbena Water’.

The Witcher star wrote, “Fortunately, the ancient Incas are believed to have used the herb lemon verbena to (a) relieve tension and stress. And now that I’m stressed because you’re stressed and it’s my fault … what the Stress doubled. “

He continued, “I’ll relax and mix my lemon verbena water with tequila. Happy Friday folks!”

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No1 Botanicals is a UK-based company that draws inspiration from authentic plant extracts. The rosemary water is supported by the lifestyle of the local people in Acciaroli, Italy.

According to the No1 Botanicals website, the city has residents who have lived more than 100 years. They thank Rosemary in part for the extra moments they spent in the richness of life. Is it totally fair to correlate rosemary with an extended lifespan?

Science behind No1 Botanicals

Unlike Cavill, we are not sponsored by the company. However, the scientific research behind the company is fascinating to say the least.

According to the company’s bio, “David Spencer-Percival, founder of No.1 Botanicals, heard this story and set out to capture the goodness of the herb.”

Henry Cavill Botanical Drink

Via: Pinterest

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The lemon verbena water that Cavill prefers with expensive tequila comes from Argentina and Chile. Benefits of converting the plant into tea include help with insomnia, digestive health, and muscle damage.

Founder David Spencer-Percival dropped out of school at the age of 16 to start doing business. Today, alongside No1 Botanicals, he is Chief Officer and Chairman of two other companies.

In full transparency, we can’t say if he really believes in the science behind the product or if he saw an opportunity to dive into a market that he could use as a trademark.

Yes, drugs that deviate from westernized norms are full of natural remedies. We only recommend digging deeper into No1 Botanicals to see if their ethics are in line with the herbs’ purposes.

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