It’s World Health Day, and given the past year, I’m really grateful to be healthy. For me, health is so much more than the absence of illness. Rather, it is about something much more holistic, including everything from physical to mental to mental health and everything in between.

Cape Town is full of the people, places, and information that made leading a healthy lifestyle a little trendy. Personally, I find the term health a bit tricky as a trend. It excites an element of toxicity that robs real wellness of its core qualities.

Honest health has been replaced by diets and “Fitspo” that have potentially harmful consequences. Negative body image, feelings of inadequacy and the constant hunt for the next best topic were all topics that were addressed in my circle.

* Fitspo: The movement started as an initiative to promote ideals such as “strong, not thin”. However, I feel like it’s covered in snow to become the opposite of its original intent.

A few months ago, I took the time to re-evaluate my social media and delve into a deep digital detox.

During the process, I sorted out any accounts that made me think twice about whether or not I did enough I was enough.

Little did I know that such a small change would make such a big difference. The saying sounds right: “What you feed grows”. I will no longer senselessly absorb the trash that is spilled on social media without conscious consideration.

Through this cleansing process, my social feeds have changed from instigators of fear to places of inspiration and motivation.

Here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts.

1. Tania Hart

For me, health means nourishing the soul. Reading poetry is one of the ways I do it. Tania Hart bleeds a sense of raw feminine energy into everything she produces. Your work is amazingly honest, relatable, and inspiring.

2. Tatjana Maria Lucia (tatjana__lucia)

This lovely Cape Town woman is all about empowerment. She throws away all forms of taboo associated with female sexuality and teaches women how to become their most sensual, empowered selves.

3. mindbodygreen (mindbodygreen)

I firmly believe that “what you put in, you come out”. How you fuel your body is an underrated superpower that has transformed all aspects of my overall health. Part of this conscious way of eating is knowing what’s in your food, where your food is coming from, and eating to get optimal performance (which is physical, mental, and emotional).

4. Pooky the Munchkin (littlemunchiepooky)

Yes, I believe adorable kittens are the best type of therapy. Fill your life with what you enjoy. Smiling at a clumsy ball of fur is much healthier than comparing yourself to an unrealistic standard of living, beauty, productivity, etc.

5. Estefania Loret de Mola (Stefyloret)

Mindfulness, self-awareness, and understanding of intent are three elements that I’ve really tried to nurture over the past year. How we interact with ourselves has a direct impact on how we interact with others and vice versa.

6. Andrea Hannemann (earthyandy)

The predominantly plant-based food (although I live by the “everything in moderation” mantra) made me search the internet for recipes that deliver all the good things while ticking all the nutritional boxes. I always find the best smoothie recipes here.

7. Slimy weirdness (slimy weirdness)

Sometimes the complexities of life just need to be explained in comic form. Little lighthearted memories scattered around my feed have proven to be pretty powerful. I don’t always have the time (or the emotional ability) to dive into a spiritual encyclopedia.

8. Mona-Jane Hannemann (raccoons)

If Lockdown taught me anything, it is that training at home gives the best results. A yoga mat and a distance of two by two meters have seen me fitter and stronger than ever. The best part? Everyday life requires a different routine, trainer, style, or approach to get your prey moving. Goodbye Gym Membership!

9. Stephanie Miller (Stephclairsmith)

This gorgeous girl always keeps things real. She is one of the rare social media gurus who promote a balanced, realistic lifestyle. Your exercise routines, combined with a flexible and fun approach to health, constantly remind me that there is no such thing as perfection, that life should be approached with flexibility, and as always, moderation is key.

10. Ascending Woman (Ascending Woman)

I admit I’m not the greatest feminist (I believe in equality with all my heart) but sometimes it takes a woman to talk to a woman. This platform covers all relationships – from the relationship you have with yourself to the relationship you have with every other person in your life. I’m a sucker for a good horoscope, and here, too, I always get my daily dose.

What we allow into our lives will continue to shape our everyday experiences. Leave what you don’t do and fill in the gaps with an abundance of magic.


Picture: Robyn.inthe.Hood @ Harvest cafe

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