Insurance company NFU Mutual has predicted that the number of traffic accidents will increase by at least 18 percent from next week.

Independent vacation rentals, non-essential retail, personal care, hospitality and outdoor recreational facilities are expected to reopen on Monday April 12, and more motorists are expected to take to the streets.

A spokesman told Motoring Research the projected number was based on data collected when the lockdowns were eased in 2020.

NFU Mutual’s car accident claims rose 22 percent from the bank holiday in late May last year, shortly after the May 11 lockdown was eased, while car accident claims during the Christmas season also rose 12 percent from the insurance company’s previous weeks increased said.

The company added that its research shows that one in four drivers is “nervous” about making long journeys once the lockdown is relaxed.

Of 2,000 drivers surveyed, 37 percent said they plan to go anywhere to vacation in the UK if Covid restrictions allow. That equates to more than 12 million drivers who will hit the road next week.

The company added that the most nervous driving groups – including two-thirds of 18-34 year olds and more than half of Londoners – are also those who hit the UK’s streets for vacation in most countries.

Almost two-thirds of drivers ages 18 to 34 (63 percent) and more than half of Londoners (53 percent) will do so for a short break in the UK this year, NFU Mutual said.

“Drivers should be careful on the roads”

“While there is uncertainty about whether European holidays are in sight, our research shows that when the lockdown wears off, millions will hit the UK’s roads from next week,” said Jade Devlin, NFU Mutual’s auto insurance specialist.

“Where there was easing in 2020, the number of reported car accidents has risen sharply. The streets get busier very quickly and drivers take their first long-distance journeys for a while.

“Unfortunately we expect the same from April 12th, when many venues and holidays open, so we urge drivers to be careful on the roads.”


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