The upcoming holistic cancer center at Altis Hospital in town

Lucknow: Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or immunosuppressive treatment should wait at least four weeks from their last session for the Covid-19 vaccination, said Delhi-based co-surgeon Dr. Anshuman Kumar on Friday.
Similarly, after taking both doses, they should wait two weeks before starting chemotherapy or immunosuppressive treatment, added the cancer specialist, who is also a Covid-19 expert.
“In fact, cancer patients should consult their treating physicians before they are vaccinated, as the type of cancer and its treatment will also determine the risk factors, benefits and vaccination schedule,” said Dr. Kumar, who was in town at the start of the Holistic Cancer Center at Altis Hospital.
However, cancer survivors who completed treatment six months ago can get vaccinated without hesitation, the onco surgeon said.
Dr. Kumar said that patients with three types of cancer – lymphoma, multiple myeloma and blood cancer (leukemia), which affect the body’s germ-control network, plasma cells and blood cells, respectively – need to be extra careful. You need to consult an oncologist before getting the sting, as both the vaccine and these cancers affect the immune system, he added.
“Cancer patients who have acquired Covid-19 must avoid living in rooms and places with damp walls during the illness and for at least four weeks after recovery to prevent fungal infections, including black fungus,” he said. He also advised cancer patients to constantly wear N-95 masks when stepping out of their home or meeting someone.
Dr. Kumar said, “Holistic care is required not only for treating cancer, but also for prevention and speedy recovery. For this we can take advantage of help from various medical and medical fields such as yoga and Ayurveda. A classic Indian diet of green vegetables, turmeric with a balance of protein and carbohydrates is best for a cancer patient. ”
He said pandemic restrictions on public movement and converting super specialty hospitals into Covid care centers are a major challenge in treating cancer patients. In some cases, the cancer had advanced to an advanced stage due to the delay in treatment, he added.


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