The child psychologist Dr. Maryam Ali says there needs to be a more holistic approach to rehabilitation for minors placed in the care of the Children’s Authority.

Ali commented on the escape of five boys from one of the childcare centers run by the Children’s Authority two weeks ago and the subsequent murders of two teenagers.

Antonio Francois, Simeon Daniel, Ricardo Thompson, Stephen Antoine and Stephan Nicolas escaped from a safe house owned by the Children’s Authority by squeezing through a break-in window.

Francois and Daniel, both 15, were shot dead in Laventille last Sunday.

When asked about the incident, Ali told the Sunday Express that safe houses should be more than just facilities and should focus more on the rehabilitation and development of the children housed there.

“In terms of getting the right advice, equipping a business, and making sure they have the right resources. When these things are implemented, it becomes more effective.

“Since most of these boys are lost themselves and need a sense of direction, a holistic approach from training to resources to therapy will be required, even if they want to bring in a religious aspect. But we need to take a holistic approach to get these boys back on track. “

‘Employees need

better workout ‘

Ali added that more and better trained employees are needed.

“I think the employees need to be trained a bit more in dealing with situations and dealing with these boys because they come from broken families and come from different backgrounds, and they need to be adequately trained themselves to deal with these Situations. “

Responding to rumors of possible abuse in the safe house, Ali said this needs to be thoroughly investigated and a system in place that will allow children to be comfortable in these safe houses in the future to provide reports of their treatment.

“Whether it’s about outside people coming in to talk to them, whether it’s psychologists or social workers who come in and work with them. When these things happen, it will be reported sooner rather than later, ”she said.

Relatives of the teens have denied abuse claims posted on social media, saying the boys never complained about abuse in the safe house.

However, Daniel’s mother, Natalie Brathwaite, has accused the authority of negligence and failed to properly secure the children at the center.

The Minister for Gender and Child Affairs, Ayanna Webster-Roy, could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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