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CHENNAI: The Madras Supreme Court on Monday ordered the state government to treat animals, especially those abandoned, in an ethical and humane manner. The court also asked the state to consider the possibility of creating a comprehensive model for end-to-end treatment of stray animals.

The problem relates to a plea from animal activist VE Shiva, who is praying for an instruction to the state government to feed the stray animals that are starving due to the pandemic.

The first bank, comprised of Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy, to record the filings, directed the state to look into the possibility of finding a model to look after the strays on an ongoing basis.

Earlier in the hearing, the animal husbandry department had announced that 2,500 kg of dog food and 200 kg of cat food had been obtained and a total of 500 feed troughs had been supplied with such material to ensure the feeding of stray and abandoned animals.

On Monday, the court was also made aware of the plight of elephants either in temples or under the control of homeowners.

The bank stated in its response: “We can consider whether there should be a complete ban in the future that elephants are kept in captivity in temples or under private owners as pack animals.”

The chief judge found that the court had a similar plea and directed the Department of Animal Hubandry to file a detailed report. The bank then dismissed the lawsuit.

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