LAWRENCEVILLE – The Brunswick Chamber of Commerce sponsored a ribbon cutting ceremony for Holistic Safe Space at 121 West Hicks Street on Saturday, May 8, 2021. Several members of the ward were present to show support for the new business.

Alfreda Jarrett Reynolds, Brunswick County’s Director of Economic Development, greeted everyone and said it was great to see such a wonderful turnout. She said the opening ceremony and ribbon cutting are in partnership with Brunswick County, the City of Lawrenceville, the Brunswick County Industrial Development Authority, and Mahatara Youssef, President and Founder. Reynolds said “holistic” means treating the entire body, physical, mental, and spiritual.

“As the director of economic development, it is my responsibility to implement the vision set out in Vision 2035 for the Brunswick County Board of Directors. This event is a great example of collaboration and a positive opportunity and opportunity to work together,” said Reynolds.

Gloria Menyweather-Woods, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Brunswick County Industrial Development Authority, welcomed Mahatara to Lawrenceville and Brunswick Counties. It recognized two board members, Morris Taylor, Vice Chairman of IDA, and Ray Thomas, who is also President of the Braunschweig Chamber of Commerce. She said Michael Dotti, Executive Director, was unable to attend the event but congratulated and supported him. She welcomed Holistic Safe Space to the neighborhood and believed the business could help improve the quality of life for Brunswick County’s citizens.

The Lawrenceville Mayor said attending grand openings and band sections is one of the great things he does as a mayor. He cited the event as a great example of business collaboration.

Martin said Henry Ford was quoted as saying that coming together is the beginning, sticking together is success

“If everyone develops, success takes care of itself. One person cannot whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play together. We’re seeing progress and it’s very exciting. On behalf of our city as mayor, we wish you every success. Welcome to the city of Lawrenceville, and all we can do to help please let us know. My door is always open. Please do not hesitate to contact us, ”said Martin.

Mahatara Youssef was very emotional when it came time to express appreciation.

“I am the President and Founder of Holistic Safe Space. I started this nonprofit to help cancer patients in remission heal from the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. I want to thank the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Michael Dotti, and IDA for all of your support. I would like to thank the companies who kindly provided us with donations and gifts for our fundraising campaign.

“Gorgeous creations and designs, Flowers by the Main, Citizen Insurance, Pinos, Lake Country General Store, Pops Bar & Grill, and Southside Electric Cooperative.

“I’m the new kid on the block and you all made me feel so welcome.

This is more than a grand opening, this is a festival of a lifetime. When I was first diagnosed with cancer, the doctors gave me eight months to live. That was two years ago; Obviously God had other plans for me. I want to thank all of my family and friends who drove and flew here to support me. They came from Los Angeles, Maryland, Georgia, and Chicago to be here at this opening. I want to thank my board of directors and children for their patience and support from me and my midnight business planning meeting. I don’t know why my inspiration comes at 11:45 p.m.

“When we were still renovating, I met a young woman who told me about her aunt who was being treated for cancer. We talked about meeting her after the treatment was over. She only informed me two days ago that her aunt had died. If you don’t know, cancer is tough and brutal. Today we honor our fallen warriors and send our love to their families. Cancer takes our loved ones far too young and far too early. We also celebrate our champions who made it to the other side of this storm. Today we celebrate our mothers! And I want to thank my mom for bringing me back to life with organic vegetable soups and green smoothies. She inspired the programs we offer our customers. Thank you for coming! To make a donation or to learn more about Holistic Safe Space, visit, ”Mahara said.

Rev. Jacqueline S. Morgan offered a fine, heartfelt blessing of business,

According to Holistic Safe Space, Mahatara has no medical training. She is a published author and a stage 3 cancer survivor. She founded the nonprofit to help women who have suffered from reproductive cancer trauma heal in the most holistic ways possible.

“After going on my own cancer journey and seeing such a limited amount of resources for new remission patients, I started Maha’s Living Kitchen to help the public understand that food is medicine. This program is meant to be fun, easy, and delicious. My motto is: “Who knew that a life in remission could be so delicious!” Explained Mahatara.

Mahatara said she had no medical training and was offering remedies and foods that would have helped her on the path to recovery. “I tell people that I have suggestions and that they need to check with their doctor before trying any of our products. I think we can agree that the foods we eat can have an impact on our health. Our products are organic and my diet is based on plants. It’s the diet I grew up on, ”she said.

Mahatara shared how she suffered from hemorrhoids after chemotherapy and none of the products she tried to help. She tried a spray her mother created that worked like a charm.

“After chemotherapy, that area of ​​my body was burned on the inside. I tried everything and then my mom suggested I try a spray. After two days I saw a difference. It’s all natural and that’s an example of something that has helped me, ”said Mahatara.

The company offers chakra incense sticks for different parts of the body. She also suggests trying meditation and yoga. Consultations are offered free of charge.

Mahatara suggested that small changes can have positive effects: using olive oil instead of vegetable oil, switching from white sugar to organic products, margarine to butter, consuming more green leafy vegetables – which act as a sponge in the body and absorb toxins. She said she would help people buy healthier foods.

The opening times are Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday by appointment. The phone number is (434) 532-8252 or (276) 263-2809. The email address is The website is Holistic Safe Space is a 501c3 non-profit that helps cancer patients in remission heal from the effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

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