The Harlow Holistic Therapy Center

Submitted by Louise To

A team of holistic therapists has raised money to offer NHS staff free treatments to help them recover from the stress and long hours they have experienced over the past year.

The Harlow Holistic Therapy Center in Harlow, Essex is adjacent to Princess Alexander Hospital, so staff have had a firsthand look at the impact of the pandemic on key employees.

Holistic therapist Louise To said, “I’m sure many of you would benefit from a relaxing massage or reflexology or maybe even life coaching / NLP or mindfulness to help with stress.

“We ask our local community to give something back to our local people.

“If we collect enough, I would like to expand this to other holistic centers and therapists from around the city who provide NHS and key treatments for workers so this can help rebuild their businesses but also make sure we treat as many can.” NHS and key workers as possible. ”

The team has set a donation goal of £ 5,000 that will allow around 200 treatments to be performed.

Louise and her colleagues asked for a member of the local community to help them give back to the workers on the front lines.

To make a donation, visit the team’s fundraising page here.

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