PSA: That’s “Girl Talk”, gentlemen. Cherica Jones, affectionately known as “The Yoni Lady”, is the owner of the Yoni Spa Room in the 7370 Hodgson Memorial Dr. The Yoni Lady offers natural services and products for the holistic well-being of women at home and abroad. One of the main services of the Yoni Lady is Yoni steaming, also known as V-Steaming. This is a practice in which a woman sits over a pot or bowl of cooked herbs, usually with just a towel covering the lower half of her body, so that the steam can penetrate her “yoni” so that she can take advantage of the plant can enjoy medicine. Yoni streams are respected around the world and have many different names. There are many reasons women are looking for a yoni vapor and when women visit The Yoni Lady they tell her what they are looking for. “… basically we mix herbs together based on what the woman needs,” said Jones. “A traditional steam balances your pH and women come to try something natural [an alternative]. We also have fertility vapors, postpartum vapors, and V-vapors for menopause, bad periods, and BV. ”Jones said she started her business selling yoni eggs, yoni vapors, and yoni detergents while feeding girls and women enlightened the amazing products she was selling in pop-up shops. The Yoni Lady began her own yoni healing and cleansing journey to revitalize her physical, mental and spiritual health after a difficult time. At the age of 26, Jones was diagnosed with fibroids and endometriosis while in detention. “The only thing they offered me was a birth control bundle or a hysterectomy,” Jones said. “They gave me birth control every now and then and I experienced all of the side effects.” Before she was diagnosed, Jones was unaware of her health, but she knew something was wrong. She said when she explained the harsh symptoms she was having, the nurses did not take them seriously. They assumed she was just looking for a way to get out of her dorm and leave the facility. After filing multiple complaints and eventually undergoing various embarrassing trials to prove that her symptoms were as bad as she said they were, Jones was escorted to the hospital for a blood transfusion. After a week in hospital, Jones was back at the facility. A week later, her symptoms returned. This time she hid them to protect herself from additional complaints until the end of her sentence. “When I got home I was considering a hysterectomy, but I ran into these ladies in the park, Soul Sisters of Savannah, doing yoga and telling me about Queen Afua and changing my diet and the like,” Jones said. One of the most fundamental steps to holistic health is eating, Jones said. Before changing her diet, Jones said she ate negligently and since she didn’t gain weight until she had health complications, she wasn’t aware of how her diet was affecting her health. “I ate what I wanted to eat beforehand,” she says. “My favorite meal was a triple whopper with Burger King cheese, bacon, lightly fat-dipped bun, king-size fry, milkshake and a Hershey chocolate cake on the side. That was my main meal. ”After studying holistic healers, including Queen Afua, Dr. Sebi and Chef Ahki, Jones began changing their diet. After a month of deliberately changing the way she cared for her body, Jones healed many of her health complications and left her doctors in shock at her recovery.

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Shots of Somi

Cherica Jones, “The Yoni Lady”, poses with her newfound self-confidence.

Jones said she healed herself and shortly afterwards dreamed of doing the same for other women everywhere. She said one day the thought occurred to her. “I would love to have a safe place for women to just come in, cleanse, detox and relax, laugh and just have fun,” said Jones. “And it’s like a girl’s room, and that’s how the idea of ​​the spa came about. It was a goal. ”The goal has now been achieved and many women visit The Yoni Lady for their own holistic healing. Visit for more information.

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