Press Release: Global Health Tuesday webinars will continue on January 26th.

The monthly webinars are hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Global Health Institute (GHI) and are aimed at researchers and practitioners on campus and around the world. The speakers will demonstrate the complexity of global health challenges and the diverse range of specialist knowledge required to address these challenges. By sharing their experiences, these guests provide insights into global health, encourage conversation, and help connect colleagues locally and globally.

March 30, 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. (NOTE SPECIAL TIME)

“Holistic Community Healing: Global Mental Health Perspectives During COVID-19.”

In October 2020, the sixth International Psychology Conference for East Africa offered a collaborative learning community the opportunity to gather in a modified personal and virtual format under the theme “Holistic Healing Within the Community: Bridge Between Home, School and Work Around the Globe” during COVID -19. “The bio-psycho-social model of holistic healing, which is used to promote psychological well-being in general and particularly in the midst of a pandemic, was the focus of the conference. GHI Associate Director Lori DiPrete Brown will host the webinar with attendees from Wisconsin and around the world. Register here.

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