Calcutta: In times of pandemics, several people have turned to yoga to keep themselves mentally and physically fit. It has been shown to be extremely beneficial for Covid patients recovering from the viral illness and offers several benefits to people with life-threatening conditions like cancer.

Yoga has healing effects on everyone and all ages, be it a seven year old cutie child battling the toughest battle of their life with cancer. Although the seven-year-old has a hard time keeping her body balanced and needs support while walking, she does not miss her yoga and music therapy sessions.

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Suffering from brain cancer, Cutie is determined and religiously following yoga sessions to recover from the after-effects of chemotherapy and other complications resulting from the treatment. She is exempt from asanas such as tadasana, which involve body balance, but yoga is closer to her.

Cutie, along with many other children like her, is being treated at the Saroj Gupta Cancer Hospital and Research Institute in southern Kolkata. Yoga has given a new life to many cancer patients, such as Cutie, who finds solace in yoga practice.

Cutie is not alone, and Sukhdev, a blood cancer patient, is as passionate about yoga sessions as he is about playing soccer. From tadasana to pranayama, yoga offers such patients the much-needed break from their regular therapies.

The yoga teacher also ensures that the positive energy is retained in these sessions as the children have less strength – mentally and physically, and therefore it is important to improve both.

“When we do yoga, the body and mind are in harmony through breathing techniques that allow them to relax. Such patients are afraid of the disease, due to which there is anxiety, anger, and mood swings, especially in children, when given these high-dose drugs and chemotherapy. So we make music with yoga to enrich your life, ”says the yoga teacher.

“India has set milestones in making yoga an international name around the world, but at home it is part of the holistic approach to healing,” says Dr. Arnab Gupta, Medical Director, Saroj Gupta Cancer Hospital, Kolkata

“In this hospital, we don’t just heal with science. My father started this hospital with a holistic approach because only science can’t cure cancer, so we add yoga and music to every patient. My father believed that for one child you had to cure two other patients, including their parents. So we’re using yoga to help children with cancer heal faster, ”he added.

The hospital believes that in difficult times when symptoms of depression and anger are heightened in the young patients, there is no other way to do justice to the healing of patients. Doctors also oversee therapy and teaching.

“Based on the diagnosis, we decide that we should give the patient chemotherapy or radiation. The patient is already under pressure, so we just make sure that we only give him what he needs in addition to the medication, we pursue a holistic approach and give him exercises not with dumbbells, but with yoga and body movements, ”says Dr . Vineet Shah.

“This helps them improve their health quickly and also in children, it heals them mentally, physically and spiritually,” added Shah. Yoga is not a complete cure for such diseases, but it is an important part of treatment.Kolkata Hospital aims for holistic healing through yoga to alleviate anger and depression in young cancer patients

The children have dreams in their eyes and do not know how much and what to turn into reality, but it is the determination to win every fight that ensures victory is in their lap.

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