Arthritis is the swelling and tenderness of one or more joints.

The main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain and stiffness, which typically worsen as you grow. The most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Here’s the thing –

Everything You’ve Heard About Treating Arthritis Is Wrong!

Arthritis is actually inflammation in the body.

And the hard truth is that …

If you don’t address the cause of the inflammation in the system, you may never be free from joint pain!

And taking one drug / supplement at a time with partial to zero results is not the answer.

But the GOOD NEWS is that … comprehensive arthritis treatment consists of ONLY 3 proven steps.

Which are…

Holistic Medication + Targeted Therapy + Recovery Diet = Goodbye Arthritis!!

Once all of these 3 steps are properly followed, the ROOT CAUSE of the inflammation will be completely eliminated from the body system.

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Alternative medicine and naturopaths discovered that the secret to permanent healing of various forms of arthritis is simple, and it is, too

– Heal the intestinal lining of the human body to prevent leaky gut syndrome.

As you can see from the picture above, Leaky Gut Syndrome is a major input of inflammation that causes joint pain in the human system.

Therefore, by far the FASTEST, SAFE, and MOST RELIABLE way to get rid of inflammation is to use the proven 3-step alternative treatment to cure leaky gut and remove arthritis from joints forever.

Now at Green Remedies International, there is a proven and flawless 3-step natural treatment method that we have discovered for 10 years that can help anyone permanently cure any form of arthritis, joint pain and stiffness.

The 3-step natural treatment method was adopted from the ancient Indian method of treating arthritis and pain, which …

STEP 1: Holistic Treatment (100% Arthritis Herbal Treatment + Natural Oil Cream for Pain Relief)

STEP 2: Easy Massage Therapy (Our therapist will teach you EXACTLY how to make your own deep penetrating Ayurvedic massage oil at home … so you can save costs)

STEP 3: Full Recovery Meal Plan … This will help speed the healing process and prevent future repetitions.


For example:

Did you know that it is NOT recommended for arthritis sufferers to eat peeled cucumbers?

Also, did you know that natural camphor and some other local ingredients poured into pure olive oil are a powerful arthritis massage oil for quick relief … without costing that much? (Don’t worry, we’ll show you step by step how to make yours at home)

For a Full List of Foods To Avoid To Cure Arthritis Quickly, Click Here!


Imagine getting your life back pain free.

Imagine if you could finally do all the things you love to do, without discomfort and limitations?

Imagine waking up every day without worrying about pain in any part of your body … walking, driving and doing all sorts of things like when you were in your 20s?

… that’s exactly what we do for you!

We’ll put you on a proven and easy-to-follow 3-step program.

  1. The 100% Herbal Arthritis & Rheumatism Holistic Treatment… soothes & completely removes inflammation from your system.
  1. Our therapist will also assign you an initial 7-day body reset plan… with ONLY easily available and inexpensive RAW food.
  1. Our specialized nutritionist will a 30-day FULL recovery meal planfor you … this enables the intestinal mucosa to heal and thus prevents further inflammation.

Who is this natural 3-step therapy method suitable for?

  • When you are really tired of living in constant excruciating pain
  • When you want to live pain-free again
  • If you have taken strong pain relievers … and they no longer work for you
  • When you’ve been told that arthritis cannot be cured, it can only be treated … and you’re fed up with it
  • When you have spent money on various treatments with no tangible results

And if You are determined to follow the simple, step-by-step process by the best naturopaths and specialists … so that you can treat arthritis once and for all!

But here’s the thing …

Our specialists try to provide personal help to all of our customers.

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Here is everything that is in the package you get:

  • Holistic treatment (100% herbal and rheumatic herbal treatment package for arthritis + organic INSTANT pain relief oil)
  • The Ultimate 7 Day Body Reset Plan
  • The 30-day FULL Recovery Meal Plan Guide … with a detailed daily recipe
  • The Ayurvedic Recipe and Procedure for Making Your Own Strong Massage Oil at Home … Saves Costs.
  • Our super powerful FREE gift (1-on-1 consultation with our holistic therapist to assist you during treatment … FREE only for the first 25 people today!

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Why do we give you so much?

Because we know there is nothing like a PAIN FREE life and we want you to be able to live healthy and strong every day like you used to be in your 20s.

And again, we want you as nature therapists to know how effective nature can be in curing all forms of pain in humans, while we also believe that if you can get a complete solution to this pain problem through our program, you won’t stop, you’ll tell the world about us.

Maintaining a healthy life through our therapies is one of the best ways to find happiness and fulfillment.

So when you are ready to live a life completely pain and arthritis free,

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Coach Amuda

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